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Fix The Issue: Bank Server Unavailable in Google Pay

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Bank server unavailable in Google pay is a very common issue these days. There is no doubt that Google pay is the best UPI payment app among all other UPI apps. However, being the best app doesn’t mean there will be no technical glitches or issues.

You may see a notification ‘bank server unavailable’ while you try to check your account balance, send a payment to someone, or even if you change your UPI PIN. There is nothing to worry about this.

Highlights of the article:

  • Why Google Pay says bank server unavailable?
  • Types of bank server unavailable errors
  • How to fix bank server unavailable in Google pay?

Why google pay says bank server unavailable?

When you see this notification that says, “bank server unavailable’, it may be because your bank is facing heavy traffic issue. There must be disturbance in the bank servers.

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You just need to ensure that you have a stable internet connection, and you are using the latest version of Google pay app.

There are various types of bank server unavailable errors in Google pay.

Types of bank server unavailable errors

In case of UPI PIN reset

You will see an error saying:

Couldn’t reset UPI PIN, your bank server didn’t respond, something went wrong at the bank’s servers. Please retry”

In case of a bank balance request

Couldn’t get account balance, your bank’s server didn’t respond. Please try again later.

In case you send payment

It looks like your bank is temporarily not accepting payment requests. Please try again later.

In case you are trying to add a new bank account

Unable to find bank account, something went wrong at the bank’s servers. Please retry.

Now, the question is what to do when bank server unavailable in Google pay?

If you are wondering what you can do in this case, keep reading the article.

How to fix bank server unavailable in Google pay?

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Clear cached data of Google pay app

  • Go to your settings on your device
  • Now, look for apps or applications
  • Click on apps then look for Google pay app
  • Open the Google pay app and go to storage option
  • Under this you will see clear cache option, click on it
  • Or you can even clear data
  • After clearing data, you will have to login to your Google Pay account again
  • This can solve the problem of bank sever unavailable

Check your internet connection

To make transactions and get a response from the bank server it is very important to have a strong internet connection. In case your device is not able to reach the bank servers, your Google pay will face issue and you will see a notification saying, ‘bank server unavailable’.

To avoid the issue of bank server unavailable, make sure you have s strong and a stable internet connection.

Cross check your details

Sometimes if you enter wrong details like your UPI PIN, you will see a notification showing bank server unavailable.

Incorrect data can deny all payments and transactions.

Restart your mobile phone

Let us accept the fact that whenever we face any issue regarding any app on our device, we directly restart our device. Try this method in this case also. Restarting your phone can fix almost every issue you face. These are mostly the common glitches that slow down your app.

When you want to clear your cached data in a simpler form, just restart your device. When you do so, your network connection also gets reset automatically. Everyone knows how to restart their phone or any other device, go ahead.

Reinstall or update your Google pay app

If Google pay has come up with some latest updates and you haven’t installed it, it will not function properly. Just make sure you use the latest version of Google pay app.

In case the bank server unavailable issue is due to the reason that you are using an older version of Google pay app, then the issue will be resolved.

To update the Google pay app, go to Apple store or Google pay store and update it from there.

Take a break

Try using your Google pay app after some time. Maybe your bank server is down at the moment, and you are not able to complete the actions. Where there is a huge load over the servers, this bank server unavailable notification rises up.

In this case, wait for a while and then try again later. It may also take a whole day to get back to normal.

Contact your bank

If none of the above methods work for you, you need to contact your bank directly. You can either visit the nearby bank branch or contact them on their tollfree number.

After trying all the ways to sort bank server unavailable issue, you should ask your bank to resolve it for you. They will suggest you different ways, just follow the instructions.

The article guided you on what to do when bank server unavailable in google pay.

Watch the video below for a better understanding.

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