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Three Different Methods of How to Change Google Assistant Language

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You have come to the right place if you want to know how to change Google Assistant language?Google Assistant is popular for all the right reasons. It is an extremely useful app found on Android devices. You just need to give a voice command to instruct Google Assistant to search anything for you available on the Internet.

Google Assistant was launched in 2014 with fewer language options that people could use to issue commands. However, it has come a long way with over 40 language options now. It makes it possible for a lot of people who cannot speak or understand English to give the command in their local language. 

How to Change Google Assistant Language?

When you buy a new phone, the Google Assistant is set at the default language, which is English. In case you want to change it to your preferred language, let us guide you through the entire process:

  • Open the Google App
  • Tap ‘More’ at the right bottom
  • Select Settings
  • Go to the ‘Google Assistant’ option
  • Various options will be shown to you
  • Scroll down and select the ‘Language’ option
  • Tap the primary language set under ‘Assistant Language’
  • A pop-up will appear with the available languages
  • Scroll to change the language of your preference from the available list
  • The language will be applied instantly
  • Check out Google Assistant with the newly updated language
assistant language 1
assistant language 2
assistant language 3

It is quite fascinating to know that you can add multiple languages to the Google Assistant by using the ‘Add a Language’ option.

Another way to change the language of Google Assistant is to change the language of your smartphone.

You may also change the language setting using Google’s Home app. Here is how?

  • Tap on the top right of the app to go to your account
  • Select Assistant settings
  • Choose Languages
  • Tap on the current Google Assistant language
  • A pop-up will appear
  • Choose the language you want to set

Change in the Google Assistant language in your Google Account will also reflect on other devices like Google Home and Nest linked to the same account provided the language option is supported by those devices.

Do not be disheartened if you cannot find a language option for your Android TV on Google Assistant although the same may be available in your Android smartphone or tablet. This is because not all languages supported by the app are available across all devices. Some of the language options are limited to particular regions only. Google is probably working on bringing more language options across all devices and regions.

Google Assistant may be unable to reply in your language but it would surely be able to understand the query and present an appropriate result.

Now that you know at least three methods of how to change Google Assistant language, it will be a cakewalk for you. We will wait to hear from you about which process did you use to change the language setting in your device and how many languages you have added to the app.

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