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Ever Wondered ‘Can Technology Replace Teachers?

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If we were to compare how the education system worked just a decade or two ago and how it works now, the differences would be quite stark. Over the years, students have become more dependent on technology and everything has become ‘smart’. From the writing boards in the class to the collection of homework done by the students, technology plays a vital role in our education system today. But, considering how technology and the role of teachers are entangled with each other, do you often wonder if technology can replace teachers?

Since the outbreak of the Corona virus, education has become highly dependent on technology. With schools shutting down for the safety of the students, teachers smoothly transitioned from offline to online schools. They ensured that the students get uninterrupted learning and sense of normalcy is continued. Now, Corona has ensured that online school will continue for at least the foreseeable future. 

Is it possible that technology can replace teachers?

So, if today’s learning has become digital, is it a sign that maybe in the future technology will completely replace our teachers? 

The answer, in my opinion, is no. Though technology has significantly augmented and influenced how our education system works, it cannot work as a replacement of a teacher. 

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Technology can never bring forth the human touch, the life experiences, and the educational expertise of a teacher. A teacher not only teaches the formal syllabus to the students she also shapes their young minds. We can all agree that we all remember the time in school when our teachers imparted some of the greatest life lessons to us. Do you think any form or shape of technology has the power to influence us like that? 

Apart from our parents, teachers are a big driving force that mentors us for our future endeavors. The positive influences of a teacher encourage students to think independently and innovatively.

The learning environment can be pushed to be one with the changing times with the help of technology, however, in order to do so the contribution of an actual teacher cannot be undermined. 

Teachers also have to move ahead with time

The outbreak of the pandemic has proved that we are living in a world which has gone beyond the threshold of being dependent on tech. Technology is now infused in every aspect of our life including the education of our children. Therefore, a great responsibility of our teachers is to ensure that they are also moving forward using tech as a weapon in their arsenal. 

technology replace teachers 2

Today, teachers are exploring newer methods of teaching and engaging students in newer ways. This means that in order to keep a tech-savvy generation interested in school learning, they have to come up with ideas to use technology to their advantage. 

The potential of technology to change the face of how our education system works is tremendous. However, it is a complete exaggeration to say at some point in the future, technology will be able to replace teachers. In an environment where technology has become indispensable, it has become important than ever before that students are imparted life skills and lessons by respected teachers.

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Shikha Jain
Shikha Jain is 34 years old. Mother to a daughter. Engineer by qualification but have been a writer for the last seven years.

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