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The Ongoing Debate: Physical Classroom Vs. Online Classroom

Around the world, the COVID-19 pandemic has emptied schools and pushed back the start of the academic year. Little kids are now forced to study online, attend online classrooms, and LEARN! With the distinctive need and rise of e-learning, whereby teaching is undertaken remotely and on digital platforms, millions across the globe have been forced to adapt to the new change. With the sudden shift away from the classroom, many are left wondering whether the adoption of online learning would continue post-pandemic, and how this shift will impact the traditional education system.

Physical Classroom Vs. Online Classroom

Research suggests that online learning has been shown to increase the ability to retain information, take less time,  thus hinting that the changes coronavirus brought might be here to stay. An online classroom can ensure many of the benefits provided by a physical school, such as learning materials, live online classes, self-paced courses, online exercises, web forums, tests, etc., but delivers these through the internet. Now although this may seem as a positive assessment, we cannot negate or group out the students who do not have access to computers and laptops.

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Good internet connectivity is pivotal for an online class to run smoothly, and we cannot deny the unavailability of a good connection in several parts of the world. This hinders the learning process of students who fall in the above category and often miss out on classes due to poor or no internet connection. Also since there is a limitation of space in a virtual classrooms, the interaction between students and teachers is comparatively less when compared to a physical classrooms.  In a physical classroom, a teacher has enough space to move around to observe each student and also clears any doubt more efficiently.

Physical Classroom Vs. Online Classroom

Time Management: Physical Classroom Vs. Online Classroom

Online classroom takes the point here as students find themselves more flexible while attending classes in the virtual setting. Also, since virtual classes can be attended anytime and anywhere, students do not spend extra time commuting back and forth. At the same time, it’s also evident that traditional learning methods involving in-person teaching and hands-on training from an expert will always be necessary in certain circumstances.

Social Skills: Physical Classroom Vs. Online Classroom

The idea of being put into a class with people of all different backgrounds and personality types allows for countless social opportunities that are usually not available in an online classroom.  The online classroom can be accessed at any place or time, meaning that students don’t all need to be in the same physical place to take the same course.

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Final Comparison

Physical ClassroomOnline Classroom
Learn in-person in a physical settingLearn anywhere with an internet connection
A schedule that has to be followedContent can be accessed anytime
Interactive learningCold with limited scope of socialisation
Hands-on learningVirtual interaction with course content
Classes are conducted in person using means that most educators are well versed withDeploys contemporary technology that comes naturally to students

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Both online classrooms and physical classrooms have their advantages and disadvantages. The thought process of a student plays an important role in deciding which one is better for him or her. Online learning has gained immense attraction as it allows anyone to pursue learning without having to quit the job or to travel distances to learn a new course. This advanced form of learning allows students to get et the convenient career training they need, exactly when they want it.

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