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How To Make Your Phone Not Reachable With These Simple Tips

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Planning a quiet family holiday? Do not want to be disturbed by your boss? Work from home has made life tough. The constant struggle of working on the laptop all day long and simultaneously returning calls can get quite overwhelming. Even holidays are spent on the phone trying to answering queries over the phone. If you are planning on a nice vacation want to have your peace of mind, then we have it sorted for you. We have the answer to how to make phone not reachable

Simple Tricks to Make Android Phone Not Reachable

Turn on the Airplane/Flight Mode

Airplane Mode

The easiest and simple trick to make phone not reachable is by keeping the Android phone in flight mode. When in Flight Mode, the network operator detects that the phone is out of coverage area and reflects caller as not reachable.

Manually Select Your Network

Manually Select Your Network

This one is another easy trick to make phone not reachable. Just go to Settings> More Settings> Network Selection> Automatic or Manual. At this stage, choose Network manually and wait for 10-15 seconds. The phone will now show the available networks within your reach. Now, your smartphone will lose signal, which results in unreachable mode.

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Change the Network Mode Suppose

Change the Network Mode Suppose

If your Android phone doesn’t have a 4G network but has support for 4G LTE, then you can make your phone not reachable by n simply put your network mode to 4G/LTE.

Forward Your Call to Any Landline Number

Forward Your Call

This is little tricky, but also very simple. Make your network forward calls to any landline number and try to make a call to your number. It will surely say as unreachable to this network right now.

Download Third-party app from Play Store

Download Third-party app

You can download third-party apps such as Phone Signal Jammer or Call Blocker to make your phone unreachable.

Block the Number

Block the Number

Google recently integrated a call blocking feature which allows Android phone users to block calls from other numbers. You can add the number you’d like to block and you will be done.

Try the Sim Card Trick

Sim Card Trick

You can also make your phone unreachable by removing the SIM card. All you need to do is take out the SIM card, switch off your phone, and insert the sim card back again. This will make your number not reachable until you restart your device.

Remove the Battery

Remove the Battery

You can remove the battery of your phone without switching it off to make your phone not reachable. When you switch off, the caller will get the message, “The number you are trying to call is switched off”. This can seem intentional to some, however, when you remove the battery, it will make your phone not reachable or out of coverage area.

Your phone will switch off automatically after taking off the battery. You can check by calling on your mobile number from any other device to be assured of this. Remember to keep your phone on why you are removing the battery, or else this trick will not work.

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Wrap Your Mobile Phone In Aluminum Foil

Mobile Phone In Aluminum Foil

This DIY trick will actually make your phone not reachable. When you warp your mobile phone in aluminum foil, the smartphone’s radio antenna will not be able to receive any mobile network and will therefore make your phone not reachable for other callers.

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