The Quirky S Mobile W18 Phone With Airpods in 800 Rs Only

Quirky S Mobile w18 1

S Mobile W18 Phone is one of those mobiles that come in a wave of budget-friendly, feature packed options. With its basic packaging in an orange-box, this phone has a separate 1800 Mah battery on the side, a micro-USB charger, and a user guide. The phone boasts of a dual-SIM memory card, but comes with the old-school QWERTY keypad with rubber-touch. 

The W18 phone with airpods makes it a small phone with advanced technology attached to it, and the airpods are well-packaged in a design similar to those by Apple. These connect with not only the W18 mobile, but also other phones like iPhones and other smartphones, making them an interesting part of the SMobile W18 specification. These Touch Control Bluetooth Earphone Wireless Earphones have deep bass earbuds, similar to what you would find in the Xiaomi airdot Realtek Processor Headsets Earbuds. Placed in their box, they get charged automatically, making it very convenient for users. Further, as mentioned before about the compatibility with Apple, these also support siri calls, are enabled to answer/hang up phone calls, shuffle between songs, and are paired with multiple bluetooth-enabled devices. However, there are no flashing lights while using these, and the battery charged at 1-1.15 hours for these takes users through 3.5 hours of playback time and a 4-hour talk time.   

S Mobile W18 Phone With Airpods Price

Quirky S Mobile w18

Priced at Rs 800/- and with the inclusion of airpods that adapt well with other phones too, it is a bargain purchase that comes with dual-SIM option. It makes for a good stand by option between phones, or if users expect it to work for phone calls and music playback only. It is available across various vendors.