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Korean Engineer Builds a Gravestone for Internet Explorer

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Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, which served internet surfers from people for almost 27 years, was shut down recently. After Microsoft announced that the Internet Explorer being shut down, people expressed mixed emotions. Many called it the “end of an era”.

Many users of the Internet Explorer also posted on social media platforms about how painful it is to say goodbye to a service they have been using for a long time. However, social media is not only the platform where people expressed their morose feelings.

Jung Ki-Young, an engineer from South Korea felt a lot for the 26-year-old browser. So much so that he spent over $300 (approx. RS. 25000) to build a gravestone to commemorate the demise of Internet Explorer. He also got an inscription on the headstone which said “He was a good tool to download other browsers.”  

Even though several people trolled him for doing so, he was right at his part. Our founder Nishtha Shukla Anand said, “For the millennial and the Gen Z, Internet Explorer was the beginning of their journey of the internet. We grew up on using the IE and the globe-trotting feeling of its icon.” Several people also thought that this browser was better than Firefox and Chrome.

However, Microsoft had started weaning off the IE with the launch of Windows 10.

The gravestone by Ki-Young was specially designed for Internet Explorer. It was showcased at one of the Cafés in the Southern city of Gyeongju, South Korea. The owner of the café is Jung Ki-Young’s brother.

Jung also told Reuters that he would call it a “love-hate relationship as the browser once dominated an era”. He further said how he wanted to make people laugh by creating that gravestone, and he didn’t even expect the post to go viral.

It was surprising for him to see that random post go viral on social media. However, he added that he really wanted to thank Internet Explorer as it helped him to make a “world-class joke”.

Microsoft announced the retirement of the widely used browser Internet Explorer on 15 June 2022 through a blog post. The company confirmed that it wants people to switch to the Edge browser to have a better experience than Internet Explorer.

What do you think about the gravestone of Internet Explorer? Do tell your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Mansi Gupta
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