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Which Processor is Best for Laptop AMD Ryzen or Intel?

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When you are planning to upgrade your PC, the most important question that comes to your mind is- which is better AMD or Intel CPU? Be it your phone, laptop, smart TV, or PC, the CPU is the heart of the device. It handles all the tasks put forward by the OS and allows you to do incredible things.

In this post, we discuss which processor is best AMD or Intel so you can buy the one that suits your requirements.

Which is better AMD or Intel?

While AMD was launched with its bulldozer architecture in 2011, it wasn’t good enough. Though the processor offered amazing value especially the FX-4100, the CPUs couldn’t match what Intel had available at the time.

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The company went on to improve the platform and the newer CPUs were received with mixed reviews. However, Intel was able to keep to its Tick Tok release approach and also price its hardware accordingly.

Price and value

Price is one of the biggest deciding factors between AMD and Intel. AMD is a budget-friendly but less energy-efficient CPU with more cores taped onto the silicon. Also, the older AMD processors such as the FX series get heated.

On the other hand, Intel has remained competitive with pricing while simultaneously marketing its processors. During AMD’s downfall in the early 2000s, Intel was able to charge a higher price than what they would usually do as AMD did not have a competing product.

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For many years market favored Intel until AMD came up with Ryzen and the Zen architecture. For AMD fans, this new platform was like fresh air compared to previous generation processors.

While the AMD’s RRP at launch was at $199, the Intel Core i5-9600K was at $269. Today, both the CPUs are roughly priced the same but they are not identical.

Performance and Gaming

When it comes to performance, Intel has always been the winner. That said, for general use, both the processors offer good performance with any bottlenecks. While Intel is still way ahead in many aspects, AMD has forced Intel to get back to innovating and it can be seen in their aggressive pricing. Overall, it’s a win-win for PC users.

Mobile processors

Even today, the laptop market is dominated by Intel. AMD did manage to win some favor with the general public but it has been reluctant to enter the mobile space. While AMD launched new Ryzen 3000 processors for notebooks, they were not able to match what Intel already had available.

However, the newer Ryzen 9 4900HS is a powerful 8-core CPU with 16 threads and can boost up to 4.3GHz. This CPU outperformed Intel’s high-end mobile processors paving way for some good market share. Apart from Ryzen 9 4900HS, Intel has the edge on mobile performance but AMD-powered laptops offer more value.

Which processor is best AMD or Intel?

Regardless of which CPU you choose, you will have a capable PC that can perform several tasks. However, there are clear differences in pricing and value.

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