Project Juggernaut Alpha To Be Launched As New Microsoft Flagship Phone

Rumors and speculations related to Microsoft Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL have been doing rounds of the internet for the last couple of months. Now, the speculations have grown stronger as the phones are reported to be released at a grand event in October. A new report that surfaced now claims that the company is planning a new flagship phone with the name of Surface Mobile. The report also hints the phone to enjoy specifications similar to that of Lumia 950 XL Cityman combined with some other features.

Microsoft flagship handset at a glance

The upcoming flagship phone, which is code named as Project Juggernaut Alpha is alsoProject Juggernaut Alpha to be launched as Surface Mobile expected to be paired with an input device, Surface Pen, reports WMPU. Though there is no confirmation from the makers, reports indicate this to be a premium handset with 21 MP PureView Zeiss 6-lens camera at back.

Noticing the increasing popularity of selfies, the phone features 8 MP Zeiss wide-angle camera at front. The phone is also reported to feature 5.5-inch display supported by QHD screen resolution. To make the phone a perfect desktop substitute, it has been loaded with Intel Atom x3(SoFIA) processor of 64-bit along with a 4GB RAM.

The phone may also run Win 32 (desktop). Yet, to get confirmed details, Microsoft fans will have to wait for some more days, till the company makes any kind of announcements. … Read the rest

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Microsoft Lumia 940 & 940 XL to Launch on October 19? Surface Pro 4 Tablet, New Band May Join The Party

NPU reports that Microsoft is planning a grand event on October 19 when it will unveil a new Microsoft Band and the Surface Pro 4 tablet. It also expected that the company will launch two flagship handsets at the same event–the Microsoft Lumia 940 & Microsoft Lumia 940 XL. This means, the company is not just gearing up to take a lead in the smartphones market but it is also eyeing the market for hardware devices.

Microsoft Lumia 650 & 650 XL to launch in OctoberLumia phones to steal the show

While there are many reports about upcoming Lumia phones from Microsoft, the company continues to be tight-lipped about its plan for the October event. Sources in the know informed The Verge about the launch of new smartphones. Another Chinese site, WP Dang has claimed earlier that Microsoft plans to unveil multiple hardware devices at the event.

While the launch of a Band and the Surface Pro 2 will attract attention, the Lumia 940 and Lumia 940 XL will be the main attractions at this event.

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Specifications of these Lumia phones have already been leaked on the web, yet fans are anxiously waiting to get a glimpse of the devices.

Read about the devices here: Microsoft To Have Virtual Buttons On Lumia 940, Lumia 940 XL

We are also expecting to see the Surface Pro 4 tablet at this event. However, it is not likely to be a great deviation from its predecessor. It could get slimmer and lighter. Some improvisations may be found in its display or resolution.… Read the rest

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Bing’s Contextual Search on Android Could Compete with Google?

Bing had always been known as a criticized and underrated search engine and was not a preferred one as it was living under the shadow of Google search. This is a service that was owned by Microsoft and was created back in the year 1998 by the name MSN Search. However, it was re launched in the year 2009 with the name Bing. Since then, it has been making a lot of progress. There have been a lot of improvements in it and new features are being added on a frequent basis. The latest news is that, the Bing application for Android will have a new feature. The Android users can now implement it on Google Now. The latest feature is known to be Snapshots on Tap.

Bing's contextual search on Android could compete with Google?Through this feature, the users will be able to get the right information on what is being displayed currently on the screen of the device without leaving the application that is being used at all. This clearly means that no matter what application you are using, you can make use of this feature and this helps you to be informed on any topic at any given point of time. So with this feature, the users are sure to have a brilliant experience of using Bing.

This invention was always been in anticipation and this has now been truly a great advantage and experience for the Android users. Bing is all set to create a benchmark with a lot of Andriod users wanting to use this feature.… Read the rest

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5 Most Lovable Features of Windows 10

Windows 10 is now out in the market and by this time many have tried their hands on its new features. Though the new OS has brought in several innovative features for users, some of them will really steal your heart.

Top 5 most lovable features of Windows 105 features at a glance

Customization of start menu: Windows 10 features a user-friendly start menu, which was last seen in Windows 7. The new start menu is even better as it can be customized depending on the preference of the user. One can get it enlarged to full-screen mode or keep it small. The content of the menu can also be organized as per choice with large, wide, medium and small tile sizes.

Real Assistance from Cortana: This is undoubtedly one of the most praised features of Windows 10. Once the Notebook collects relevant information from the user, it immediately processes it like a human and provides complete assistance to plan tours or arrange events. Cortana can be used as a complete search bar or as an icon.

Microsoft Edge browsing: The new browser has already gained much appreciation for its performance. It is not just user friendly but also has built-in Cortana support.

File explorer boon: Now, users can get a much organized file explorer with recently accessed files, designated favorites and frequently visited folders. Though this is useful for everyone, it is more advantageous for people working on projects containing multiple elements.

Work on virtual desktop: Managing multiple applications or programs is no longer a tough job with the virtual desktop feature. Dedicate one work space for each app and work without any distraction.

 This is not all. Updates for the new OS will be released frequently to make it even better. … Read the rest

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Why Windows 10 is Better Than Windows 8?

Launched on July 29, Windows 10 has created ripples across the tech industry with the features and functions it has to offer. Users of Windows 8 are stating that the new update from Microsoft in the form of Windows 10 is the best thing that has happened since Win 8.1 was released. Users of Windows 8.1 remained dis-satisfied with its features for a long time because of which they were eagerly waiting for Win 10 since the day it was announced.

Why Windows 10 is better than Windows 8Advantages of having Windows 10 over Windows 8

Lets take a look at the benefits users have attained from migrating to Windows 10:

  • Users will have access to the Start Button once again. This feature was sorely being missed in Windows 8. In addition to this, the start button is supercharged and provides additional features to users.
    • As the update was free for Windows 7 and Windows 8 users, it was easy to migrate to the new OS. In addition, users will now be able to get all updates related to the Windows 10 free of cost.
  • Windows 10 users now have the advantage of enjoying Microsoft’s personal assistant Cortana that was missing in Windows 8 and Windows 7.
  • Superfast Microsoft Edge is another big advantage of the Windows 10 because it provides an enhanced browsing experience.

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Other advantages associated with Win10

With the new Windows 10, users will enjoy the advantage of multiple desktops, a high-tech app store, universal apps, security updates and a built-in MDM.… Read the rest

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Does Microsoft Plan to Label Upcoming Surface Phone as Lumia?

Even as Microsoft seems to be planning its new Surface phone, speculations have gone higher with reports of the WMPU coming up. Though there is no confirmation nor any hint from the company, reports indicate the new device may come out in the market in December 2015 or by early 2016. This is not all. There are speculations that the new Surface phone might be a Lumia.

Microsoft has been using Nokia’s Lumia branding ever since they took over the company. Therefore, it won’t be a surprise if the upcoming handset, which is so far termed as “Juggernaught Alpha” is finally labeled as a Lumia.

Is Microsoft planning to label upcoming Surface Phone as Lumia?Specs at a glance

Reports leaked on the web suggest that the new Microsoft phone will feature a Clearback AMOLED display of 5.5 inches. Not only that, the phone is also reported to come with a resolution of 1440 x 2560. Like other premier smartphone models, the upcoming handset also boasts a  rear camera of 21MP and 64GB or 128GB storage. To ensure faster operation, the phone would be supported with 4GB RAM and Intel Atom X3 SoC quad-core processor.

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 If rumors turn to be true, the phone will flaunt an attractive Aluminum-magnesium unibody. The phone may also include S Pen. Yet, to get confirmed reports, everyone will still have to wait for the official announcement of the company.… Read the rest

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3rd Consecutive Cumulative Windows 10 Update Gives Users The Jitters

Windows 10 updateSince its launch on 29 July, Microsoft Windows 10 received its third update yesterday. Three consecutive updates from Microsoft has placed the sustainability of the latest Microsoft operating system in serious doubt. Experts associated with Microsoft stated that the updates are bound to happen as it is for the development and betterment of the OS. Additionally, a spokesperson from Microsoft has stated that users were facing some issues while using Windows 10 and the updates were meant to solve them.

What was the update all about?

KB3081438 is the latest update that Microsoft has provided for Windows 10.

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Even though it was stated that the new update was done to make Win 10 work smoothly, a spokesperson has said it was designed and re-aligned to solve issues relating to the Windows Store. Users were unable to download applications, download updates or access the store because of which the update was required. After the update, the issues were put to rest, users have reported.

Features not disclosed

While receiving a Windows 10 update, users do not know for which application the update was itemized. However, it is suggested for Win-10 HOME users to update the OS as and when updates are made available from Microsoft because they are working on improving the OS.

Microsoft is expected to make some big changes along the way as they are busy handling updates and patch work. Meanwhile, users are happy about the new updates because that has helped o remove a lot of glitches.

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 … Read the rest

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Kaspersky Controversy: Faking Malware For Success?

Antivirus developer Kaspersky Labs has come into the center of a controversy. According to a Reuters report, two former employees of Kaspersky have alleged that the company has been using faking malware tricks to downgrade competing antivirus companies. The employees said that they have inserted false codes into important PC files to make them look positive. This would result in quarantine or deletion of these files by other anti-virus software.

Kaspersky Controversy- Faking malware for successHow the trick was played

The whistleblowers have said that Kaspersky testing labs would take essential files from a person’s PC and change their look to have them resemble malware. Once this process was done, they would submit it anonymously to the malware aggregator of Google as third parties look into these aggregators and keep their software updated. These files were so similar to actual malware that Kaspersky succeeded in tricking rival companies into believing important were malware and treating important files.

The former employees have also said that some attacks were even initiated by Eugene Kaspersky, the co-founder of Kaspersky Labs.

What Kaspersky had to say?

In a reply to Reuters, Kaspersky Labs has completely denied these allegations. They have called such actions dishonest and non ethical. The company added that they do not follow such business practices. Kaspersky also stated that they are working legally, unlike various other antivirus firms.

Executives from Microsoft, AVG and Avast were the ones who filed a complaint against Kaspersky for producing false positives.… Read the rest

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How To Get Windows 10 On Your Device: The User’s Guide

Microsoft’s much hyped OS Windows 10 is now available in the market and like all previous operating systems, this too has invited a large number of queries from the users. Therefore, before laying hands on the new operating system, it will be wise to get some understanding of it.

 Downloading the OS

Updating to Windows 10 is more or less simple and it can be downloaded on most of the computers as the hardware requirements for this operating system is almost at par with that of Windows 7. Yet, a free space of 20 GB (64-bit) or16 GB (32-bit) is necessary for the download. The device on which the operating system is to be downloaded also needs to have Windows 8.1 Update or Windows 7 Service Pack installed. Updating to Windows 10 is also pretty easy as you just need to check the small Windows icon on the taskbar and then click on the option for “Check my PC”. Also make sure to uninstall the existing operating system after storing the necessary data in any external device or cloud. Updating the device drivers and making it compatible with the latest operating system is also necessary.

Settings and Start menu

Operating Windows 10 is not something very difficult as the settings menu is almost similar to that of Windows 8. Yet, it is even better as the Settings tab can be easily found on the Start menu. Even though Microsoft has included some of the important settings in the control panel, many basic settings are out of this panel.
The new settings menu includes- system tab, device tab, personalization tab, internet and network tab, accounts tab, ease of access tab, time and language tab, update and recovery tab as well as the privacy tab. Unlike Windows 8, the Start button of the new operating system can be easily located on the left corner. Yet, the screen has a hybrid approach and once the button is clicked, users will get settings and applications shortcuts on the screen. To get the apps on the device, just click on the All Apps settings. However, to find any app at once, users can just type and search the app. The multiple desktop feature of the new operating system is quite handy but is limited at present.

 Edge Browser

The all new Edge Browser in Windows 10 is also quite useful. With the inking features users can now write on web pages directly and share with others. The navigation feature on the Edge browser is also quite noteworthy. Also there is no need to waste hours on installing updates as the Windows will update and restart itself automatically after updating.
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The Biggest Scoops To Expect At Gamescom 2015- Games, Microsoft And More

Move over the E3— a.k.a. the Electronic Entertainment Expo to give way to Gamescom. Slated between 6 and 9 August, this is the biggest trade fair in the world of video games. The media event is due today and we have been waiting to get hands on what’s new and hot at the event that saw footfall of 335,000 last year alone. Why it has managed to beat E3 is evident since the latter is meant only for insiders while Gamescom opens up for everyone right from Day 2.

The Biggest Scoops To Expect At Gamescom 2015Why The Hype Around Gamescom?

Gamescom is THE place to be since all announcements that interest me and you–consumers, take place here. More so, the event showcases all the upcoming game releases for the coming year. Last year, the event announced a drop in the console pricing as well as an announcement for Rise of the Tomb Raider release for Xbox One.

Microsoft To Take The Lead

We expect Microsoft to take the lead at Gamescom. Given that it did make major announcements at the E3, we anticipate insight into release for games such as Quantum Break, Remedy, Scalebound and Crackdown. Gamescom will showcase all of the above games besides giving us sneak peeks into Halo 5: Guardians, Rise of the Tomb Raider and Forza Motorsport 6. Of course, we expect the Windows 10 story to creep in sometime via some update here.

Alert– Blizzard Fans Wake Up

If you are a Blizzard enthusiast then Gamescom 2015 is the place to be since something big is on cards for the same. We are unsure if a brand new expansion for Diablo is up Gamescom’s sleeve but we sure could see interesting updates.

Mafia III @ Gamescom

Publisher 2K is well known for its mediocre Mafia series that needs players to up ranks in an American mafia family of the 40s and 50s. While the game was no huge hit, we anticipate a sequel showcase for the same at Gamescom this year.

Bad News For Sony Fans

There is not anything that Sony will release or preview at Gamescom 2015 save the Guerilla Games from Killzone studio. In addition, there is a chance that it could give us details about the latest IP—christened Horizon Zero Dawn.

The Hardware Bits

Gamescom sure could floor us with in depth details about the HTC priming VR as well as the Oculus that are set to go out into the mart in 2016. Also, Nvidia could prep the show up at Gamescom given that it did not reveal anything at E3 this year.

While this could be all that Gamescom 2015 reveals, we will like to stay updated about anything else you come across. For more update, stay tuned to this space.

 … Read the rest

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