Google Tightens Algorithm to Fight Pornographic Images

Now there won’t be those embarrassing moments where suddenly you stumble upon a pornographic site while searching on Google.

Google has tightened its search structure and algorithm to make pornographic images a little tough to find, as per a CNET report.

“We are not censoring any adult content, and want to show users exactly what they are looking for – but we aim not to show sexually-explicit results unless a user is specifically searching for them,” the report quotes a Google representative explaining the change.

So when next time you search for something on Google who have to be explicit in your queries even if Safe Search is turned off. The changes have been implemented on but they are still to happen on attempted some unambiguous search on Google India but some very harmless content popped up.… Read the rest

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Facebook, Google, Zynga Move Court against Abstract Patents over Innovation

While some bigwigs of the technology world engage in constant legal fights and bickering, giants such as Facebook, Google, Zynga and five others have asked the court to eliminate abstract patents.

The appeal came into motion when a CLS Bank sued Alice Corp for infringing four patents covering a computerized method of having a third-party hold funds in escrow on behalf of two other contracting parties.

Dell, Intuit, Homeaway, Rackspace and Redhat also joined the league and countered the CLS Bank move. They called phrases such as “on a computer” or “over the Internet“ unworthy of being called patents.

As per the appeal made by these giants, such patents hamper innovation.

The brief given by these companies to the court has concluded that such patents are harmful for growth of the technology sector. It further stated, “It is easy to think of abstract ideas about what a computer or website should do, but the difficult, valuable, and often groundbreaking part of online innovation comes next: designing, analyzing, building, and deploying the interface, software, and hardware to implement that idea in a way that is useful in daily life. Simply put, ideas are much easier to come by than working implementations”.… Read the rest

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Google to Hire Harrison as M&A Chief, Might Create Late-stage Investment Group: Sources

Google Inc has decided to have Don Harrison as its head of in-house mergers and acquisition, sources in the company have said. A source spoke anonymously about the changes taking place in the company. Harrison is a top ranking lawyer and he is likely to replace David Lawee, who was head of the search company’s corporate development group.

Google is also planning to create a new late-stage investment group that Lawee will oversee, the source said. Google has maintained its silence on the issue. Harrison has been involved in Google’s regulatory issues and has completed 70 deals in the company. Harrison is an advisor to Google Ventures. However, source suggest that the late-stage investment group has not been confirmed.

“The fund might operate separately from Google Ventures, the company’s nearly four-year old venture division which provides funding for start-up companies”, according to the anonymous source.… Read the rest

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Google Brings Christmas Back to the Android Calendar

The December that vanished from Google’s calendar in Andriod 4.2 Jelly Bean is on its way to being healed. A patch has been rolled out by Google which would fix the bug.

Andriod 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich was the first one to introduce an app called People which lets you store the usual names, phone number and addresses and lets you also assign dates such as birthdays and anniversaries.

When people updated their Andriod 4.0 to Andriod 4.2, a strange thing happened; a whole month of December went missing. In fact, the date picker skipped the month entirely, going straight from November to January.

The bug was first noticed by  Rohit Naik, who posted a screenshot of the offending app to the Android message boards on Google Code.

Fortunately, Jelly Bean hadn’t taken away the cheer of Christmas entirely. It was only the People app which was affected by the bug.  The earlier iteration of Jelly Bean, Android 4.1, wasn’t affected, either.… Read the rest

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Google Inc. Penalized For Privacy Breach



Google has been penalized by a federal judge for a privacy breach. A fine of $22.5 million has been levied on the search engine giant.

Though a consumer rights group called for a tougher punishment, the U.S. District Judge Susan IIIston rejected the plea. The ruling was passed later this Friday.

The fine is part of a settlement reached three months ago between the Federal Trade Commission and Google Inc.

Google Inc. has been reprimanded as it was alleged of tricking millions of Safari users into believing that there online activities couldn’t be tracked by the company till the time they don’t change their privacy settings

In the history of fines $22.5 million is the most that FTC has ever fined a company for a civil violation.… Read the rest

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Could there soon be a Google Wallet Credit Card?

A while back, Google launched the Wallet – a method to make payments using your phone. And now, if rumors are to be believed, Google’s working to get out a physical Google Wallet credit card. With this credit card, users can combine the power of all their cards into the Google Wallet card, and carry just this one piece of plastic on them wherever they go.

This Google Wallet card syncs automatically with a user’s online account, and selects the same default credit card as per the user’s settings. Users can use the card just like a regular credit card and edit the preferences using the smartphone app for Google Wallet.

Google has reportedly also set up a help website detailing how the card would work, including a section called “Eligible Devices”, which mentions that the Google Wallet card could be used on devices running Android 2.3.3 or higher. There’s still no information on when this technology is expected to release.

While this would take away from the original purpose of Google Wallet, which was established a card-less payment system, maybe this feature would entice more customers to try it out. Google, when contacted, declined to comment on these rumors but added that they are constantly working to find ways to make shopping a better experience for consumers. d “Eligible Devices”, which mentions that the Google Wallet card could be used on devices running Android 2.3.3 or higher. There’s still no information on when this technology is expected to release.

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Ring out the old: Nexus 7 Tablets being Auctioned Off

Looks like tech enthusiasts are definitely preparing themselves for the big announcements Apple and Google are set up to make. First, there was a jump in the number of iPads being auctioned off on online portals, thanks to rumors about the iPad Mini, and this time around, we’ve noticed the same thing happening with Google Nexus 7 tablets.

As rumors spread about Google possibly announcing new Nexus tablets and phones next week, there has been a 300% increase in listings by users to sell off Nexus 7 tablets on Glyde, a gadget reseller website. This is far more impressive a number than the 67% increase registered in inquiries on the site for iPad 2 and the 10% jump in listings for all iPads.

If you are in the market to sell off your old tablet too, don’t wait too long until the new products release. According to the website, there will be an even bigger jump in listings once the new products are announced. Looks like the tech world can’t wait to move onto the next versions of their favorite gadgets. Google, Apple, would you please hurry up and launch the new devices already?… Read the rest

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Four Ways To Organize your Gmail Inbox

Almost everyone has a Gmail account, and as Google adds more and more services that require you to use your Gmail ID, its popularity is not going to diminish anytime soon. Another advantage of Gmail is the extensive amount of space it offers for each inbox, which lets us send out and receive as many heavy attachments as we wish, without ever worrying about running out of space. But sometimes, too much space can be an overwhelming thing. Here are a few ways to effectively manage your Gmail inbox and not let your mails become hard to find:

Use the message thread feature: It basically helps save all e-mails exchanged with your contacts with the same subject line within a single thread of conversation. This way, all you need to do is look up the subject line of the mail and access all the multiple replies exchanged, instead of it appearing as multiple messages in your inbox. Whenever you think the thread is getting too long, all you need to do is to edit the subject line and you can create a brand new message thread too.

Labels: Now, this might get a little frustrating initially, but in the long run, you know it’s absolutely helpful. You can organize messages you receive from different contacts into different labels – customize the name of the label as well as the color, so that you can easily identify the messages from a particular sender by clicking on the label in the list under the inbox, rather than manually scanning through your entire inbox.

Archiving old mails: Archiving is an efficient way to keep your Gmail inbox clean and clutter-free. You can choose to archive whole message threads that you don’t consider important enough or mails that you know you won’t need to go back to anytime soon. Archiving mails essentially removes all labels marked to the mails and sends it out of your inbox. You can still search for it and retrieve it, should you require it, but it just won’t be in front of you, taking up unnecessary rows in your inbox.

Mark important mails: There are two ways of doing it – one is by clicking on the Star next to the mail’s subject line on the inbox screen, and the other is by clicking on the Important label next to the Star. Sometimes, Gmail figures out the ‘importance’ of the message for itself, depending on the sender, the subject line and the content. You can de-select the important label for messages that you don’t think need the label, and Gmail will automatically tweak the settings and keep it in mind for the future too.… Read the rest

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Now, Google Search Results even Reveal Gmail, Drive Content

They tried this out back in August on a limited audience, and now Google has rolled it out to a larger group as part of their expanded trial. The Google search bar can let users look up results not just off the internet, but also from their own Gmail inboxes and their Drive folders. While it’s still officially on a test phase, this move from Google shows how the search engine giant is headed towards providing an integrated search experience for its users, saving them precious time, and making it more convenient to look for something.

It lets users view the regular search results on left side of the results page, and view related results from within their own e-mails, files, documents, calendar events, etc. This move lets users utilize Google not just as the global search engine, but their own private mini search tool as well.

If you want to be a part of the trial, you can sign up at the field trial page and be a part of this experiment using your Gmail ID, and contribute to Google’s efforts of making search a much easier experience for users worldwide.… Read the rest

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Microsoft Vs Motorola: The Mapping App Infringed

Microsoft vs. Google's Motorola Mobility In a legal battle over Google’s Android software going on in Germany, Microsoft announced on Friday that it plans to attach Google as a defendant in one of its patent actions against Motorola Mobility, owned by Google. The involved case surrounds a mapping feature on Motorola phones, which Microsoft says has infringed one of its patents.

As per a statement by Microsoft spokesperson, the action was initiated after Motorola said it has no information about actions occurring on Google’s servers.

Microsoft claims that Google’s Android violates its software patents. Surprisingly, Microsoft has so far trailed handset makers instead of Google itself for the royalties.

Currently, Microsoft and Motorola are fighting patent suits in courts in Mannheim, Germany, and Seattle. The fight is over the Motorola’s use of scheduling software and Microsoft’s use of some video and wireless technology. However, several hardware firms have come to settlement with the former over their use of Android.

The patent involved defines a method for a mobile device to attain a map from one database, call up resource information such as the location of a hotel from a second database, and overlay the two sets of data.

On being asked to comment, Google refused the request.… Read the rest

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