Apple iPhone 5 And Apple iPad 4 Unimaginative: Is CEO Tim Cook To Be Blamed?

These sure are tough times for Apple, and it’s only looking to get worse. First it was the less than expected performance of the iPad 4 and iPhone 5 in Q4, and now it’s a lawsuit filed by a rebellious investor just before it held its annual shareholder conference. And … Read the rest

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Temple Run Gives Us Adrenaline Rush: Second Edition Goes Like Lightning To Hit 20 Million Downloads


Gaming enterprise Imangi has released the second edition of its ever popular game, Temple Run and has managed to clinch the top spot with its latest release. So what makes the game click? One finds out…

It has been a wondrous time for Imangi Studios which has reveled in … Read the rest

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Prior to The Launch of iPhone 5, YouTube Launched Its Own iOS App

Just as all eyes are set on the release of the next-gen iPhone 5 by Apple, YouTube, which will no longer be a default app in the iPhone’s iOS 6, has already got a replacement.

YouTube, now owned by Google recently launched a new version of its own iPhone app, … Read the rest

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Change Your Pics Into Fun Arts Using BeFunky App!

Shaking a stick and becoming gorgeous was something we have seen in all fairy tales. And now with BeFunky app, shaking a stick can give you many more effects than what princess got in stories.

Don’t we all just love to add funky and cool pics on our profiles, which … Read the rest

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