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Use Google Maps App To Pay For Parking

Google has been working hard to add more detail and granularity to its map. In the past, it has added several new features to make the app more convenient and user-friendly. The latest addition is the ability to buy a train ticket. Users will also be able to use the Google Maps app to pay for the parking ticket. 

 As mentioned in the official blog post, “From booking an online yoga class to ordering takeout from your favorite restaurant —Google Maps is a powerful sidekick that lets you accomplish tasks all throughout your day.”

Google has joined hands with two renowned transportation software companies; Passport and Park Mobile to extend the contactless payment feature to public transit users. This means that drivers all across the US will now be able to pay for street parking right from the app itself. The transit feature is expected to include more than 80 transit agencies globally.

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Android smartphone users across 400 plus U.S. cities, including Boston, Chicago, Houston, New York, Los Angeles, Cincinnati, and Washington, D.C. will now be able to use the Google Maps app to pay for parking. The feature has currently been rolled out for Android but the company will soon roll it out for iPhone owners too.

Step1: The first step is to set up a Google Pay account.

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Step 2: Ensure the account is linked to a credit or debit card. 

Step 3: Here, drivers can put in their meter number, the amount of time they wish to pay for, and complete the payment via Google Pay. 

When people will use Google Maps to navigate to a destination, the app will automatically prompt “pay for parking.” Users are then required to enter their meter number, the parking time, and will then have to hit on “Pay”. 

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The new Google Maps app to pay for parking feature will enable users to plan a trip, buy the fare, and ride without having to struggle between multiple apps. The ability to pay for transit from Google Maps expands to 80 agencies globally on Android in the coming weeks.

It is important to note that the transit pay option will pop up in Google Maps in the user’s directions. In certain places like San Francisco, the app will also allow users to buy digital Clipper cards directly from Google Maps. Once a user has purchased his/her fare, from there, a simple tap on the phone on the reader will show the digital ticket.

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We still don’t know when users across the globe will be able to use the Google Maps app to pay for parking. Stay tuned to this space for the latest updates. You can also sign in for our newsletter to get daily news delivered to your mailbox. 

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