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Here’s The App To Generate Costless Floor Plans for Homes

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CubiCasa’s 2D Floor Plans software generates costless floor plans for homes in 24 hours.

Although floor plans are comparatively rare on the multiple listing services, still 10-15% of US home listings consist of floor plans, according to a recent survey by NAOR (National Association of Realtors). After detailed listing information and photos, floor plans are the 3rd most required listing feature by homebuyers.

CubiCasa, a Finland-based software company from real estate that enables homeowners to create floor plans within 24 hours at no cost. Every step is possible with their software application.

CubiCasa president Jeff Allen said, “By offering a free version of our mobile scanning technology in the US, we’re helping potential buyers make more informed decisions while empowering agents and sellers to market their properties more effectively and supporting a modern valuation process for both appraisers and lenders.”

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According to Allen, floor plans are already in high demand, and no doubt they have become a niche commodity in the U.S. “In other real estate markets around the world, floor plans are quite common, and we think it’s time the U.S. caught up,” he said.

How CubiCasa functions

As the company said, whenever a user adds the property address, the CubiCasa 2D floor plans application scans the raw imagery collected through a phone. After 24hrs, CubiCasa generates a 2D floor plan sketching in the form of a high-resolution house file.

CubiCasa’s 2D Floor Plans

According to CubiCasa, an optional add-on feature allows users to get fixed installation floor plans such as bathroom fixtures, kitchen cabinetry, and appliances with an attached Gross Living Area (GLA) report. That too at $15 each for American National Standard Institute (ANSI) Standards aligned with the report. In case users wish to get a report within six hours, they can request a $10 payment.

Why CubiCasa

According to CubiCasa, its software can minimize inconsistencies and variation in house property data collection, helps calculate square footage, and makes the inspection process easier. According to the Finnish firm, square footage calculation is the 2nd most important aspect of home value after location.

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CubiCasa claims that its software technology is already in use by 172 countries and has created more than 1 million floor plans.

Clear Capital acquired CubiCasa in September 2021. That’s how CubiCasa has become a fully acquired subsidiary of Clear Capital. As a result, CubiCasa now operates independently of Clear Capital, its corporate parent. Due to this acquisition, Clear Capital’s ClearInsight Platform integrated with the automated sketching technology platform of CubiCasa floor plans.

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