Swiggy has partnered with ANRA Technologies as their delivery partners to start Swiggy drone delivery. The integrated airspace management firm has already got final clearances from Ministry of Defence (MoD), Directorate General of Aviation (DGCA), and Ministry of Civil Aviation (MOCA) to commence drone trials for delivering food, and is soon planning to start trials for both food and medical packages. 

The principal program manager of India’s largest food ordering and delivery platform, Shilpa Gnaneshwar said that, with Swiggy drone delivery, the company aims to “put the long-range proficiencies of drone technology to best use”. She further added, “To smoothen and fasten the last mile journey, it only becomes natural for us to explore the latest avenues available to maximise the benefit to our consumers.”

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In a test flight video, the ANRA team showed how the deliveries are likely to happen. A drone is seen in the almost 3-minute video picking a small food package, flying out to a certain distance before returning to the ground and delivering the package. Over the next several weeks, the flight team will use ANRA’s SmartSkies technology to conduct BVLOS food and medical package deliveries in Uttar Pradesh’s Etah and Punjab’s Rupnagar districts.

Dunzo medicine drone delivery

swiggy drone delivery

Last month, the Google-backed delivery star-up, Dunzo even announced its plan of starting drone delivery of medicines. This project is a part of ‘Medicine from the Sky’ project launched by the Telangana government in collaboration with the World Economic Forum. With drone delivery, the aim is to ensure timely emergency medical deliveries, including COVID-19 vaccines and other essentials.