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Solar Set to Become Attractive Thanks to Colored Panels

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Solar tech has moved up the ladder. It isn’t meant for looking plain on the rooftops anymore. If you are keen on getting solar panels for your rooftops, then there are chances that you might have more choice over the bland black color.

The Move to colored panels

Since a lot of public spaces are now using photovoltaic technologies, researchers that are reporting in ACS Nano are said to have created panels that absorb colorful hues. These panels keep producing energy at as efficient levels as the traditional ones.

While the black color is perfect for absorbing light, the new finishes too offer an interested look. The general notion is that different colors tend to minimize power generation ability and light absorption.

Colorful solar panels 1

The Real Tech behind the Hues

Use of structural sources for color for taking advantage from the microscopic shapes in order to reflect a narrow, limited portion of light could be an alternative. Earlier technologies that attempted incorporation of such color tech panels created undesirable iridescence. These were too expensive to implement on vast scales.

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A team currently is working to develop structural material that is easy to create and inexpensive in terms of application.

The current technology is working to spray a layer of material known as photonic glass on the solar cell surface. Such glass is made from disorderly and thin layer of microscopic spheres of zinc sulphide.

These researchers made solar panels using such tech and finally created panels that took on bright hues while not letting efficiency and power creation levels from 22.6% to only 21.5%. The panels passed through all standard durability measures. Currently, there is more research on how to bring more hues on board and enhance the durability of such panels.

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Satarupa Bhattacharya
Satarupa Bhattacharya
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