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Simple Guide on How to Recover Deleted Notes on iPhone without Backup

Yes, you can recover deleted notes without Backup using either a recently deleted folder or third-party apps such as EaseUS MobiSaver. Here is a simple guide on how to recover deleted notes on an iphone without Backup.

2 Methods for how to recover deleted notes on iphone without Backup

Method 1: recovery of deleted notes from the recently deleted folder
Method 2: recovery of deleted notes by using EaseUS MobiSaver

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Method 1

The notes app of your iPhone has an in-built feature called ‘Recently deleted folder.’ In this folder, deletions are temporarily saved for some time, usually 30-40 days. Once this time exceeds, notes get permanently deleted.
If that is the case, you cannot use this method to recover your deleted notes from your iPhone. Also, this feature is only working on iOS 11 or above mobiles. Follow further steps to learn how to recover deleted notes on an iphone without Backup.
step1: open your Notes app > Now go to the ‘Recently deleted’ folder

Step2: You will find notes that can be recovered or notes which are not older than 30-40 days
Step3: Choose the ‘Edit’ option from the upper right corner of the screen
Step 4: Choose the notes you wish to recover, then tap on ‘Move.’
Step 5: further choose the ‘Notes’ option, and it’s done.
If you could recover notes using method 1, then great; if you can’t, don’t worry; method 2 is available.

Method 2

Now you can choose third-party apps such as EaseUS MobiSaver, known for data recovery in Mac and Windows. Its easy-to-use interface is something that everyone craves.
EaseUS can help recover not just Notes but other data such as videos, photos, audio, messages, call history, MeMo, WhatsApp, and much more. You can even recover professional data such as attachments or documents.

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Follow the following steps to understand how to recover deleted notes on an iphone without backup:

Step 1: connect your device to the PC, then launch EaseUS MobiSaver. Start by choosing ‘Recover from iOS Device.’ available on the left side > and choose ‘Start.’

Step 2: once you start EaseUS MobiSaver will scan all present notes and even lost notes from your device

Step 3: find the notes you wish to restore, tick the boxes on the left side of ‘Notes’ or ‘Notes Attachments’

Step 4: Choose where you wish to save them, and choose accordingly, ‘Recover to PC’ or ‘Recover to device.’ Once done, your lost notes will be restored to the device.

Final words
Notes have handy information, which is usually important. But sometimes, mistakenly, we delete notes that are important to us. But don’t worry; the above methods can help you understand how to recover deleted notes on an iphone without backup. Which method worked for you? Tell us in the comments section.

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