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How to watch 4 channels at once on DirecTV

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Depending on your package, Directv can provide you with anywhere from 50 to more than 265 channels. Numerous local, premium, HD, and sports channels are always available. The following thread gives a brief about How to watch 4 channels at once on DirecTV.

When you have that many options, you will frequently need to decide between two or more of your favourite programs that are running concurrently. Users would take advantage of this chance to use the split-screen feature in the majority of circumstances and on the majority of platforms. But on Directv, things operate a little differently. 

How to watch 4 channels at once on Split Screen DirecTV:

Using Split Screen on DirecTV. 

You can choose from 50 to more than 265 channels on Directv,on the basis of your package. There is a wide range of local, premium and HD channels to choose from. 

This variety also causes indecisiveness. When one has that many options, they would keep shifting between their favourite programs that are running on different channels. 

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Anyone would prefer a split-screen feature in such a situation. This feature is available on many platforms. But on Directv, things work a little differently. 

Game Mix

One of Directv’s most awesome features is Game Mix. Although it is not a conventional split-screen feature, it greatly enhances the enjoyment of watching sports. If you have a Redzone and Fantasy Zone subscription, you can use this feature. 

Using this feature, one can view upto four NFL games on the screen simultaneously. 

The fact that this feature is accessible on Windows, iOS, and Android is even better. 

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The actions you must take if you’re using a computer are as follows:. 

  •  Open the menu from the right drawer. 
  •  Choose the Game Mix mode. 
  •  Drag and drop Game Chips into open spaces on your home screen. 


The same procedures can be used on a smartphone to personalize your Game Mix experience. Make it a point to keep the phone in landscape or full-screen mode.

Xbox One and Apple TV 

The procedure varies a little bit if you use either of these tools. To add a Game Chip, you must either double-click (on an Apple device) or press square (on a PlayStation device). You cannot drag and drop Game Chips one at a time. 

You can take a game out of your Game Mix playlist by selecting it once more in the Game Chip menu. 

Image in Image (PIP)

Utilize the traditional Picture-in-Picture feature to its full potential if you’re using a Directv receiver. You can watch two programs at the same time thanks to this. 

  •  On your remote control, click the INFO button. 
  •  Choose PiP as your mode. 
  •  Click on. 
  •  Choose Side by Side mode. 

By following the steps mentioned above, the second program would appear on the right side in a smaller frame.

The program you were watching when you turned on PiP will take up a larger space on the left side of the screen. 

Press the Down Arrow button to change channels. This will also assist the users which switching between the programs. Additionally, it can be used to enlarge the second program as well.  

Here’s a sound advise. From the PiP menu, you may select where the insert screen will be located. It can be placed in either the upper left or upper right corner of the screen. 

Sports Mix

It is even more efficient to view multiple channels simultaneously when you use the Sports Mix option. You can swap the audio from one channel to the next using the dedicated Directv channel called Sports Mix. It continually broadcasts six channels at once. 

One can watch MHB, NFL and the likes at the same time. 

You only need to dial up channel 205 to access the Sports Mix feature. 

Users can use the arrows key to switch between the channels’. 

Additionally, instead of streaming in SD as they did when Directv first launched, all games are now streamed in HD. Additionally, even with the reduction from eight to six channels, this is the biggest multi-cast you’ll find. 

It is not a standard split-screen feature that you can change. But for diehard sports fans, it’s quite impressive given that Directv divides the screen into six sportscasts.

How to watch 4 channels at once on DirecTV?

DirecTV requires at least one installed satellite dish in your home to receive the proper signal if you want to watch four channels. After that, you can plug your television directly into the receiver after connecting your dish to a compatible receiver. 

From there, you can navigate your way through your TV channels and pick the four you want to watch. You can choose to tune into the four channels whenever you want once you’ve chosen them. You will be able to watch your four favourite channels as long as your subscription is active.

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