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Shocking Details Reveal Aliens Could Be Trying to Contact Us

It may sound bizarre but it seems the Alien World is trying to contact us. Scientists are getting signals from one specific corner of space to the earth. These signals are being recorded as well. Surprisingly, these radio signals vary from the normal FRB or Fast Radio Burst.

Monitoring the signals

To know further, scientists kept monitoring the radio telescope in the direction from where the signals were being received for 91 hours. And for 82 hours, a total of 1863 signals came.

These signals were coming from a faraway galaxy from the earth which is named FRB 20201124A. The Five Hundred Meter Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope also called FAST of China has captured these signals and Astronomer Heng Shu of Peking University in China is studying them. He found that there is a neutron star or magnetar with a very high magnetic field in that galaxy that is sending these signals.

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Studied by American and Chinese scientists

Astrophysicist Bing Zhang of the University of Nevada in Las Vegas exclaimed that these signals blew their senses. Scientists from both China and America have been studying them together. Radio signals of varying wavelengths are being received and investigated to gather more info. They feel that the galaxy in FRB 20201124A is like our own galaxy.

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The troublemaker FRBs

Since being discovered 15 years ago, Fast Radio Bursts are making scientists perplexed. They are becoming more difficult to understand. Even before the mystery of one signal is solved, another one is found. These radio bursts release as much energy as 500 million suns would emit together.

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Different FRBs

Although most FRBs explode once, some have been sending multiple signals. It was in 2020 for the first time that a fast radio burst was found inside of its galaxy. Scientists monitored FRB 20201124A continuously and received signals repeatedly. Apart from sending the source signal, it is doing polarization as well. It is sending rays of light into 3D space.

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Research paper

Scientists are studying the rays to find out about the atmosphere or the magnetar’s atmosphere. More polarization naturally indicates more magnetic power. In the past few years, scientists from China and the USA have caught several such signals. The study has been published in Nature and Nature Communications.

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Dipanita Bhowmick
Dipanita Bhowmick
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