Saturday, December 2, 2023

Know How WhatsApp is Planning to Turn Your Avatar into Sticker Pack

Same as Facebook, now WhatsApp is also planning to introduce the Avatar feature. Users will be able to use it as their profile picture.

According to previous reports, the Avatar feature will be available during a video call and if the user turns the camera off. But as per the latest updates, WhatsApp is not just offering the Avatar feature during video calls, but planning to turn these Avatars into stickers.

As per the reports by WABetaInfo, a well known chatting app, WhatsApp is about to introduce Avatars in the form of stickers as well. And users could use these stickers the same as they use other stickers in the app.

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Placement and functioning of Avatar feature

Avatar stickers will be placed by the side of GIFs, stickers, and emojis. Similarly, users will open this feature as they used to tap on the message bar.

When users tap on Avatar for the first time, the app will enable them to create their avatars, the same as they used to do on Facebook. Once done, the application will automatically turn the Avatar into a sticker pack. Avatar in the form of various expressions such as lol, heartbreak, love, crying, and meh face will give a personalized touch to users. Same as other social media platforms, no WhatsApp is also offering personalized avatars to users while chatting.

In addition, there will be a plus icon on the left side of the Avatar feature, on the messaging bar. There are chances that, if users tap on Avatar and plus icon, it will enable them to create more Avatar stickers. However, it’s not confirmed yet.

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Whenever users feel they can edit their Avatar sticker by using the ‘Edit Avatar’ button. This button will be placed at the bottom of the Avatar sticker section. Meta offers a similar feature on Facebook, in which users can use their Avatar for their profile picture.

The report says that the company is still developing this feature and there is still some time for it to come into existence. And there is no specific information about when it will be available in iOS and Android-based apps for users.

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Palak Sharma
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