New YouTube Copyright Checks Tools For Videos

How will the YouTube copyright check tools work 1

The widely used video sharing platform recently introduced YouTube copyright checks tools, which will evaluate the content of every video to check for any potential violations, including copyright concerns, before the clip is published. The new check tools will stop the channels from getting banned due to copyright violations.

The main function of the new YouTube copyright check tools is to ensure that the content creators do not misuse or break copyright laws by accident. The tool will run the content through a check to identify any potential copyright infringements before it is uploaded on the site. Currently, YouTube has a Content ID feature, which routinely scans videos against a database of copyrighted content and automatically flags them in case of any duplication. 

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How will the YouTube copyright check tools work?

The check tools will analyse a video for both Copyright Violations and Ad Suitability, i.e., any alarms that may stop YouTube from showing ads in the videos. 

The Ad Suitability checks will only be available to monetizing creators, while copyright checks will be available to all creators, once fully rolled out. 

Users will have to be patient while the content is run through the check tools. It can easily take anywhere from a few minutes to half an hour, depending on the size of the video that one is intending to upload. Once the video has gone via the tools, the system will automatically alert of nay any errors, which can be then addressed before the video is published, thus avoiding copy strikes at a later stage. The checks will further protect users from having their whole channel banned or their video demonetized or taken down.

YouTube Copyright Checks Tool

Don’t worry if the feature is not showing up yet as it is currently being A/B tested. YouTube has been constantly working to introduce new tools to help creators navigate this intensifying copyright problem. Last year itself, YouTube had introduced a new process to enable creators to automatically remove a claimed section from their video clip.

YouTube is also planning to launch new cumulative subscription to allow creators to understand how your audience is growing over time.

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