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Razer RGB Mask Set To Go on Sale

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COVID-19 pandemic led to many inventions. With face masks and social distancing being the only saviours, different types of masks came into circulation as these promised utmost protection and safety from the novel virus. Now, the Razer RGB mask is gaining a lot of attention owing to the interesting features it boasts of.

Razer RGB mask is the best smart mask with the company’s signature Chroma RGB lighting. The company has worked hard on the feedback it received on the mask and altered the Project Hazel to satisfy consumers’ needs. The smart mask now adorns a transparent mouth cover and amplifies the wearer’s voice. Project Hazel also comes with dual replaceable N95 filters as well as an anti-fog coating so the breath does not obstruct the view.

The company is using social media platform to promote and market its Razer RGB mask. It has created an Instagram filter that allows users to try the mask on virtually. It encourages fans to try the filter and tag @Razer to receive future giveaways.

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Razer RGB Mask price in India

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The company has not yet divulged any details regarding the price of Razer RGB mask. Also, only if you are lucky will you be able to get your hands on the new Razer RGB mask. The limited-edition mask will go on sale in early in the fourth quarter of this year.

If you are interested, it is best to pre-register for the first drop. To do so, you will have to go to the Razer’s sign-up page and fill in the requested information. The company is planning to unveil the mask exclusively on Razer’s website.

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 Stay tuned for latest updates on Razer RGB mask updates.

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