Razer is aprominent manufacturer of gaming hardware. It is known forunveiling striking concepts at the previous editions of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Its announcement introducing the Razer smart face mask at the 2021 edition took the tech as well as the medical world by storm. Along with the mask, it also introduced Project Brooklyn, which is a smart gaming chair.

We are all aware of the fact that face masks are here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future. Taking cues from the new normal, Razer is planning to build an intelligent mask that offers safety without compromising on the quality of life. Take a look at the features of what is being termed as a one-of-a-kind product.

Razer Face Mask ‘Project Hazel’: Specifications

The mask that was revealed in January this year at the CES, boasts of a plethora of smart features. This noteworthy announcement is proposed to be a blend of safety, comfort and fashion.


It encompasses two active disc-type ventilators – one for filtering the inhaled air and one for filtering the exhaled carbon dioxide. The company has claimed that the mask will be capable of obstructing 95% of the particles and pathogens in the air.

Apart from the air regulation feature, the Razer smart face mask comes with a charging case equipped with UV light interiors. So, when it is put on charging, all the bacteria and virus is automatically wiped out. The smart mask offers another layer of protection in the form of resistance to large droplets. 

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The concept N95 mask, also called Project Hazel, comprises an outer cover crafted using waterproof and scratch resistant material. The cover has been kept transparent to facilitate lip reading and seamless communication. When it’s dark, the interior side of the mask lights up to allow others to clearly see what the user is saying.

Razer Smart Face Mask 1

Another related aspect of the Razer smart face mask is the voice projection feature. The ventilators are equipped with microphones and amplifiers for clear voice projection outside of the mask. This shall ensure that the voice of the speaker does not sound muffled.

To add a bit of style to the mask, Chroma RGB lighting is installed that supports about 16.8 million colours. The rings of the ventilators can glow in any colour to give you that iconic look. These LEDs are also the ones responsible for automatically lighting the mask in the dark.

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Despite all the fancy features, the smart mask is comfortable to wear. It has a silicon guard that fixes the mask to your nose and chin to reduce the chances of air leakage. It also prevents the mask from touching your mouth especially while speaking.

Razer Smart Face Mask 2

The Project Hazel mask is expected to be heavier than the standard masks out there. It shall, therefore, come with ear loops that can be adjusted to find the right fit.


The Razer smart face mask, made of recyclable plastic, is designed to be reused. It shall help in reducing wastage unlike disposable masks that have to be discarded after every use. Users shall be able to detach the ventilators and recharge them to maintain the mask’s durability. The charging case supports fast charge and powers the mask enough for one day’s use.

All of the proposed features are quite impressive, although they are still in the concept stage. We will be able to figure out how effective these features are only when the mask is out in the market.

Razer Project Hazel Mask Price in India

The price of the premium mask loaded with a host of interesting features is yet to be unveiled by the company. Razer only released a prototype of the mask at the CES 2021, meaning that the actual product may take some time to reach the market. Thus, the price reveal might not happen any time soon.

Considering the high-end features offered, we believe that the Razer smart mask ‘Project Hazel’ price will be on the higher side. Razer is working to improve the functionality of the mask through consistent user feedback and rigorous testing. In that case, safety and reliability will be the USP of the product and not the price.

Razer Face Mask ‘Project Hazel’: Where to Buy

The concept of the Razer smart mask does look promising. However, it is still uncertain as to when the mask will see the light of day. The company will have to take approvals from different global and regional organizations such as the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

The company has claimed that Project Hazel will be a reality. But nothing can be said about the geographical locations where it shall be available upon launch. Unfortunately, there is no concrete information relating to price and availability of the mask at present. Users will have to wait for a long time to get their hands on this smart respirator.