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Quick Guide on How to Recover a Hacked Facebook Account

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If you are an active Facebook user, then you must now how to recover a hacked Facebook account.

No matter how many precautions you take to protect your Facebook account, hackers know the breaching tricks that can break any sort of security.  So, here we are with the methods for you to recover a hacked Facebook account.

Before we look at the ways on how to recover a hacked Facebook account, let us first look at the symptoms of the hacked Facebook account.

Your fb account is hacked if:

  • Your password has been changed
  • Your email has been changed
  • Change in birth date and privacy policies
  • If you see sent requests that you haven’t sent
  • If there are posts on your timeline that you haven’t posted
  • You see messages that you haven’t sent to your friends
  • If new friends are appearing in your friend list and you haven’t added them

These are the most common indications that your account on Facebook has been hacked.

Recover a Hacked Facebook Account 1

The major symptom is that you check your login details and there are unknown devices in which your Facebook account is logged in. In this case you need to be more aware. Once your Facebook account gets hacked, you can lose access to your account forever. Hackers are a big threat to your privacy and security.

Here is what you can do if you think your Facebook account is hacked.

How to recover a hacked Facebook account


The very first thing to do is to confirm if your Facebook account is really hacked or not. Its quite possible that sometimes it may seem that the fb account is hacked but it is not.

Chances are you logged into someone else’s device, and you forgot to log out. You may see some unusual activities going on in your account, but its just they scrolled your fb.

So, to make sure whether your Facebook account is hacked or not you need to check your security and login. To do so:

  • Open your Facebook settings and look or security and login option
  • Once done, open it and you will see all the devices where you are logged in

Change your password

The second thing you can do is change your password. This can only be done if the hacker hasn’t changed your password.

Follow these steps to change your Facebook password:

  • Open Facebook on your device and log in
  • After you log in, go to the setting of your Facebook
  • In settings look for security and login and open it. Then you have scroll down to ‘change password’ option
  • Once done, you can change your password. You will first have to write down your old password

Reset your password

If your account is hacked, chances are that the hacker has already changed your password. To get access back to your account you will need to reset the password.

This should be the first move you make as soon as you realize that your account has been hacked. To reset your Facebook password, follow these steps:

  • Firstly, log into your Facebook account and then log out
  • You will be asked to enter your id and password to log in
  • All you need to do is, choose the option which says ‘forgot password’
  • When you click on this you will see options to choose the way on how you would like to reset your Facebook password
  • The options will be: change password using your phone number, your mail id, or via Google account
  • Choose your preferred way
  • And you are ready to go

Use this simple method to change your password.

Change your Gmail account password linked to your Facebook account

Hackers are clever! They know you’ll try to change your Facebook password. So, they may even try to hack your Gmail account or its password.

Before they do so, make sure you have done that. Its always better to change the account linked to your Facebook if you think your account has been hacked.

Report to Facebook

If you can’t do anything of the above, it means the hacker has already made sure that you can’t login your Facebook account.   

If this happens to you, you need to immediately report it to Facebook team. They will then investigate the matter and try to recover your account.

These were the ways which may help you to get your Facebook access back. Other than this, you always have to take precautions to make sure that your Facebook account is secure.

Measures to secure your Facebook account

  • Enable two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication is a Facebook feature for your security purpose. If you set up this, you will be asked to enter a special login code if you or anyone else tries to log in your Facebook account. This works if they try to log in using the device that doesn’t recognize.

The special login code changes every minute. Even if someone will try to log in your account with a different location or device, you will get a login alert.

  • Remove unknown apps

We link different apps to our Facebook account. These apps access your personal information and sometimes you may not even know whether the app is safe to use or not.

In this case, make sure your remove all the unknown apps form your Facebook account. Unknown apps are the biggest threat to your privacy and security.

Follow these simple steps to remove unknown apps:

  • Open your Facebook and go to the settings option
  • In settings you will see ‘apps and websites’ option
  • When you click on it, you will see all the apps and websites linked to your Facebook account
  • Keep changing your passwords at regular intervals

This one is must. You should change your passwords at regular intervals. This is because if someone already knows your password, the person may try to log into your Facebook account. For a safer side, keep changing your password once in 2-3 months.

We have provided you with the ways to on how to recover a hacked Facebook account. Also, take care of the measures mentioned above to keep your Facebook account safe and secure.

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