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How to Delete Flipkart Order History?

Are you looking for ways on how to delete order history from Flipkart? Your search stops here.

Flipkart is an India-based ecommerce company. On Flipkart you can get any essentials like groceries, electronics, clothes, accessories, home essentials etc. when we order anything from these kinds of apps, the order history gets saved in the app.

However, sometimes we may want to delete our order history due to our personal reasons. Let us see how to delete order history from Flipkart?

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How to delete order history from Flipkart?

Unfortunately, unlike the other ecommerce app Amazon, Flipkart does not allow its users to archive or delete the order history. This is because of one reason that order history plays an important role in certain conditions.

The order history acts as a reference if you make any order-related complaint in the future. Order history has all the details about your order like the price of the product, date of purchase, payment mode, and so much more. Your order history is used a proof if you have any complaints about the order.
Though you can’t delete your order history from Flipkart, you can still give it a try. It’s not obvious that the order history will be deleted.

Follow these steps to give it a try

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Contact Flipkart Support for order history

  1. First of all, open the Flipkart app on your mobile phone
  2. Now, at the top left corner you will see 3 lines
  3. Just click on those lines
  • Scroll down, look for ‘my orders’
  • Here you will see all the orders you placed
  • Choose the one you want to delete and go to need help
  • You can type there ‘want to delete this order history’

Don’t know whether this will work or not, just give it a try.

Otherwise, there is nothing you can do to delete Flipkart’s order history.

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