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Protect your Data with Samsung Knox Vault S21

The all-new Samsung Knox Vault S21 is the latest hardware and software-based security protocol available on the Galaxy S212 series of smartphones. The new Samsung Knox vault works as a secure inclusion that stores sensitive data on a Samsung smartphone.

Advantages of Samsung Knox Vault S21

  • Data protection
  • Secure enclosure
  • Safety from external threats

Samsung Knox offers complete protection for the data on different levels. These include SE for Android, container, management framework, runtime protection and encryption, TrustZone architecture, hardware root of trust with the latest and most advanced security solutions.

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Samsung Knox Vault takes security to make sure that the sensitive data stored on the mobile device stays safe in your phone. The data stored on the Samsung Knox Vault Storage is completely isolated from the other data stored on the same device.

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Samsung Knox uses voltage and glitch attacks, temperature attacks, and even laser attacks to fight external attacks. The data saved in the Knox Vault Storage is kept totally separate from other data on the same device and from the main operating system as well.

Samsung smartphones with Samsung Knox Vault support

This feature is currently only available on the Samsung Galaxy S21, Samsung Galaxy S21 + and the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. Kindly update your smartphone to the latest available software version in order to use the Samsung Knox Vault S21 feature.

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