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Now users have more than Two Days to Delete WhatsApp Message

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The usual time limit for users to delete unwanted WhatsApp messages has now been extended to two hours. So, more time to cut the crap!

As a WhatsApp user, everyone knows the message-deleting feature helps undo unwanted conversations. But sadly, users used to have only one hour to delete the message for everyone. If users could delete it within this time limit, they could only delete it for themselves. But fortunately, WhatsApp has updated the time limit for the message delete feature.

WhatsApp announced it in a recent tweet, just after completing the one-month feature test. This time limit is now more than two days. It is two days and 12 hours.

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When can users start using the new feature?

Users can start using this new WhatsApp feature right after updating their application. Go to the Play Store and update your WhatsApp application. Those who have not updated their application yet, cannot delete a message for everyone after 1 hour of sending the message.

The process for deleting messages goes the same as it was earlier. The user opens WhatsApp, goes to the message they want to delete (this time, the time limit is two days and 12 hrs), tap and holds the message, and then chooses either ‘delete for me’ or ‘delete for everyone.

Also, the only way to check if the message has been deleted for everyone or not is to manually check it on the other person’s chat. Indeed, the feature is helping people to undo unwanted conversation, which is not possible in the real world. So, now is more time to prevent the conflict or undo the argument.

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