Home News Now Salesforce Enters Layoff Game, Lets Go 10% Workforce

Now Salesforce Enters Layoff Game, Lets Go 10% Workforce

Now Salesforce Enters Layoff Game, Lets Go 10% Workforce

The layoff season has set in well into the beginning of the New Year with Salesforce laying off around 10 per cent of  workforce. 8000 employees are being affected by this step but many seem to take the same in stride.

Things at salesforce look sad

US-based Salesforce is a name to reckon with in the domain of tech. March Benioff, the CEO had already intimidated workers of the upcoming layoffs via a letter earlier.

Earlier the company had gone on a hiring spree and later, it seems to have burnt its fingers badly in the same. The workforce strength at Salesforce is about 73,500 people.

Along with layoffs, the San Francisco software giant is set to shut down offices across several locations.

The fact that Salesforce had enhanced work force strength by 50 percent even when the pandemic was on. Its CEO further added, “As our revenue accelerated through the pandemic, we hired too many people…and I take responsibility for that.”

The fact that post the layoffs at Meta and Amazon, Salesforce too is following similar steps.

Inner details

As of now, the severance package for employees constitute five months pay along with health insurance cover, and access to career resources.

When such companies go on a hiring spree, little do the new employees expect to see gloom at the end of the road, anytime soon. However, downsizing in the tech domain only seems to be getting more commonplace than ever.

Salesforce had also fired staff in November 2022. Protocol reported back then how Salesforce had been planning on letting go more than 2,500 employees due to economic sluggishness. At that time, only 1000 had lost their jobs though. The official statement read, “Our sales performance process drives accountability. Unfortunately, that can lead to some leaving the business, and we support them through their transition.”

In August of last year again, Salesforce had confirmed 36% rise in its headcount. Things have gone South just too early.

Heavyweight exits

Earlier during December, Bret Taylor had stepped off as the Vice Chair cum Co-CEO for January onwards. Its Chief Strategy Officer named Gavin Patterson had also announced his exit.

Summing up

More companies have joined the layoff bandwagon including Vimeo, Twitter and Snapchat. 2023 is only set to get grimier and laid-off.