This New Feature Disables Facebook Tracking on iPhone

Facebook Tracking on iPhone

Facebook is known for monetizing the data collected from users’ browsing history on and off the app. Its persistent endeavours to extract and share user information with outside parties have often raised a few eyebrows. The long-standing tussle between Facebook and Apple over this issue has finally brought some cheer to the users of the latter. As part of the iOS 14 update in 2020, an interesting option disabling Facebook tracking on iPhone was introduced by the social networking app. By accessing this feature, users can limit what is tracked and what is shared, although 100% privacy is not guaranteed.

If you were unaware of this exclusive feature till now, here’s how you can discontinue Facebook tracking on iPhone right away.

How to Stop Facebook Tracking on iPhone

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Take a look at these simple steps that explain how you can now have control over your privacy.

Step 1. Open the Facebook App and tap on the hamburger icon appearing on the bottom right side of the screen.

Step 2. From the list of options displayed, click on ‘Settings’ and then ‘Your Facebook Information’.

Step 3. Under this tab, there will an ‘Off Facebook Activity’ option available. Open this option and then select ‘Clear History’ to remove all the information collected.

Note that you can also choose to disable information sharing for individual apps after checking the extent of data being collected and shared. This can be helpful since clearing the entire history will also delete your Facebook logins on other applications and log you out of certain accounts.

Step 4. Now, you need to open ‘Off Facebook Activity’ again and click on ‘More Options’ that will appear once you tap on the ellipsis ‘…’ icon.

Step 5. Next, you will see a ‘Manage Future Activity’ option. Click on it and enable the ‘Future Off-Facebook Activity to prevent Facebook from disseminating your information to third parties.

List of Privacy Features on iPhone

Apart from Facebook’s in-built privacy settings, there is a host of other settings that detect Facebook tracking on iPhone.

  • Restricted Access to Photos –The latest iOS update allows you to restrict Facebook from seeing all your photos and videos. This means that you can choose the specific photos you wish to share with the social networking site.
  • Camera and Microphone Indicators –Now you can get an indication of the apps recording your voice or accessing your iPhone’s camera. If the camera is being used by Facebook, a green coloured dot will appear near the battery bar. If the microphone is being used, the dot will be orange in colour.
  • Clipboard Alert –Your iPhone will also send you an alert whenever an app is trying to use the information added to the clipboard. This means that it will be easier to detect apps such as Facebook trying to read or get access to the clipboard.
  • Display of Approximate Location –Many applications ask for a user’s exact location when they don’t actually require it. With this service, you can toggle the ‘Precise’ location option, thus providing only an approximate idea of your location to third-party apps.
  • Wi-Fi Privacy –Users can also make themselves private over Wi-Fi networks to avoid unwarranted tracking. This can be done by enabling the ‘Private Address’ option in the iPhone’s settings. Further, you can also disable the local network settings for applications to add another layer of privacy.

Facebook owned WhatsApp was heavily criticized last month by netizens for its declaration to allegedly share information with its parent company. Amid the continuing debate on unauthorized access to data, this new option stopping Facebook tracking on iPhone will ensure that privacy is maintained, at least to some extent.

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