With an aim to sustain the Switch lineup that has been briskly selling against the Xbox and PlayStation, Nintendo Co. is planning to unveil a model of its Switch gaming console. As per the report, the new Switch console is said to come with a larger screen and is expected to produce higher resolution 4K visuals, and has a larger screen. The improved console is also expected to used Samsung OLED technology to enhance user experience.

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Specifications of Nintendo Switch Console

Nintendo Switch Console 1

If all goes well, Nintendo will release the improved console right before fall. If we go by the Bloomberg report, Samsung Display Co. is expected to start mass production of 7-inch, 720p-resolution OLED panels as early as June with an initial monthly target of almost a million units. The new display’s resolution will be quite similar to the current Switch and Switch Lite but is surely an upgrade from the Switch’s 6.2-inch and Lite’s 5.5-inch size. We expect the Switch console to wear a thinner bezel only if the console’s housing remains untouched.

According to research analysts, Matthew Kanterman and Nathan Naidu, “The release of a more premium version of Nintendo’s Switch console with an OLED display and support for 4K graphics for the holiday 2021 selling season could drive the company’s sales above consensus for the fiscal year ending March 2022 and extend the life cycle of the Switch platform for many more years.”

Nintendo Switch Console 2

Last month, Nintendo was able to effectively raise its annual forecasts after the Switch helped the company to its best quarterly earnings since 2008. The game maker is now hoping to withstand that run in 2021. The game maker is planning to launch the console along with several internal as well as third-party games.

Nintendo is aiming at a varied range of gamers through the 2021 releases and this can be the very reason why the company decided to hold back the software release this year.

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