There is some great news for all the Super Mario fans.  “Super Mario @Nintendo Switch!!!” Three of our favourite Super Mario games are finally coming to Nintendo Switch. The popular console manufacturer has announced the new Super Mario 3D All Stars games’ bundle which will include Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine as well as the Super Mario Galaxy. Notably, the special Mario-Switch collaboration is set to mark the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros.

However, the exciting new update is only a limited time deal. Players will be able to purchase the combined Super Mario 3D All Stars on Nintendo eShop and offline retail stores only till the end of March 2021. Furthermore, the limited offer has also been extended to the Mario Battle Royale or the Super Mario Bros. 35. Additionally, Nintendo players are also up for some exciting tie-in events until March 2021.

Nintendo UK has also announced an exciting offering on its Twitter handle, some cool Super Mario Bros. games and watch arriving in stores on November 13. The tweet particularly mentioned Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, Ball (Mario version) as well as a digital clock.

Nintendo Switch Super Mario Limited Availability Dampens The Excitement

However, like much of the baffled gaming community on Twitter, we too find the idea of limiting the Super Mario bundled sale to a few months upsetting (if not bizarre). While the idea seems quite understandable in the physical world to turn the game into a rare collectable, the marketing gimmick hardly makes sense for a digital eStore.

However, many have speculated that the Switch may again bring Super Mario games for a more permanent stay at a later date post March 31, 2021. The idea does remind one of the Disney Vault, the famous Disney strategy to first release home videos temporarily only to bring in a subsequent rerelease for a longer stay to leverage on the scarcity mindset.

Many are also seeing it as an unsurprising temptation to boost Nintendo Switch Online subscriptions as gaming is seeing a boost due to the COVID lockdowns. But, in any case, having to repurchase Super Mario games is going to be an annoying experience for players who would have already bought it the first time. Thus, the limited availability ended up killing much of the excitement for many of the eager Super Mario fans.

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