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New Look Facebook How to Change: All the Particulars you need to Know   

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Facebook being one of the largest social media portals has emerged as a social media umbrella. Various applications including WhatsApp and Instagram are correlated with facebook. Several updates have been released ever since Facebook got acclaimed. One of the significant changes is the website upgrade.

The previous version is known as classic facebook and the latest one is new facebook. A lot of people get confused between classic facebook and the latest one. Read ahead to know what new look facebook and how to change it.

Various changes have been observed between the two versions. Some features are not available in the latest one. The good news is that if someone wants to stick with the old version, the transition from the new version to classic one is possible. 

Here‘s how to switch back to classic from new look facebook 

In order to switch back to classic Facebook, follow the easy steps mentioned below. 

  • Firstly, tap on the small white arrow at the top of the screen. 
  • After that select the ‘Switch to Classic Facebook’ to return to the old facebook.
facebook new look how to change 1
  • Users will be asked to provide feedback. One could do so if interested. 
  • After submitting feedback, click “Submit” or press “Skip’ to avoid giving feedback. 
  • After clicking on the wanted options, the classic facebook window will appear. 
  • You will now be asked to provide feedback. You can provide feedback and then press ‘Submit,’ or you can simply ‘Skip’ the process.
  • The classic facebook window will appear. 

Here’s how to switch from class facebook to new look facebook 

The following steps will guide through the new look facebook and how to change it. 

  • Go to the top right corner of facebook main window. 
  • Look for a dark blue arrow 
  • Press the ‘Switch to New Facebook’ button. 
facebook new look how to change 2
  • Classic facebook will be changed to the new version.

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Latest features of the new look facebook 

A solely devoted new feed 

News feed in the new look of facebook recommends connections like popular personalities, groups or pages. Along with it, the news feed will also show trending content. This feature has been inculcated especially to encourage content creators and their work. This will allow content to be more visible. This way users will get direct and increased engagement on a wider level. 

Simple to use

Using a switcher, facebook has made it easier for admins to switch between their personal profile and their professional page. This function is enabled by clicking the three-line logo in the lower left corner of the main menu bar.

One’s personal profile and page will be shown at the top of the screen. To flip through them, all one has to do is to simply tap on the wanted profile. 

Enhanced page management

Facebook is rolling out task-based admin tools to pages. It allows users to apply access to specific tasks. Admins will be able to grant different levels of access to manage tasks. Some of the tasks include Insights, Ads, Content, and Community Activity & Messages.

Pragmatic insights

Revised insights can assist one in effectively understanding the audience. And the performance of your content can be evaluated. 

More relevant notifications are also expected to be part of the upgrades to Page insights.

Features of security and safety

Facebook has shown more concern about security and safety in the new facebook. It is   boosting its capacity to discern prohibited conduct on the network, such as hate speech, violent, pornographic, or spam activity, and impersonating.

As part of this approach, Facebook is increasing the visibility of the blue verified badges. It is making it  easier for users to distinguish comments and posts from genuine Pages and accounts.

Facebook keeps updating its features and functions to keep its users attracted. Some updates are minor and some completely change the appearance. Steps to switch between old and new look facebook and how to change it has been mentioned above. 

Users are free to make a choice between the classic and latest version of facebook according to their preferences. 

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