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How to Change English Text to Hindi Text in MS Excel?

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Through this blog, you will get to know how to change English text to Hindi in MS Excel. Not all of us know how this is done. So, we are here to help you out and guide you on how the text is changed from English to Hindi.

Not only this, but you will also get to know how to change language in MS Excel.

But first, let us take a look at how to change English text to Hindi text.

Steps to change English text to Hindi text

Follow these steps if you have MS Excel pre-installed in your system:

  • First of all, open MS Excel in your system
  • Now type your text in English and then open the text you want to convert
  • Once done, click on the second column and type a formula
  • FORMULA: =GOOGLETRANSLATE( enter the code of the text you want to translate for eg ; =GOOGLETRANSLATE(B2 “en”,”hi”)
Change English Text to Hindi Text in MS Excel 1
  • When you enter the formula click enter
  • Your text will then be translated to Hindi

So, these were the steps to translate English text to Hindi text if you have MS Excel in your system. What if you don’t have MS Excel installed in your system?

Don’t worry! Follow the steps below:

In case you want to run MS Excel without installing it, go to any search browser and search for “Google Sheets”

  • Go to Goggle Sheets- Sign In
  • Once opened, you will see various pages like blank, to-do list, annual budget, and more
  • Click on ‘blank’ and your MS Excel will open up
  • You can then follow the similar steps mentioned above

Watch this video for a clear understanding: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oUAWnDjIJyw

Wasn’t it easy?

Now, let us talk about how you can change language in excel

Changing language in excel

  • First of all, open Excel in your system
  • The default language of excel is English
  • To change the language, go to ‘file’ and select the ‘language’ option form there
  • Doing so will open up a pop-up dialogue box
  • There you can search for the language you want to keep as default
change english to hindi font in ms excel 2

NOTE: Remember you can only choose the language that is already installed in your system

  • Once you choose the language, click on Set as preferred both on “Office display language” and “Office authoring language and proofing”
  • You will receive some warning and information just select to proceed
  • Once done, tap on Ok and the new language will be applied to your Excel worksheet

I hope this article has solved your problem. So, now you know how to change English text to Hindi text. Also, we have made it easy for you to change the language in Excel.

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