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Mobikwik Data Breach: All You Need To Know

In a massive blowout, data of 3.5 million MobiKwik users seem to have been leaked. It is believed that hackers were able to get into the system and access personal details of Mobikwik users. Mobikwik has straight forwardly denied these claims saying that it is a regulated entity and takes security very seriously. Here’s everything you need to know about the Mobikwik data breach. 

Cyber security analyst Rajashe khar Rajaharia has claimed that the data has already been leaked and has even written to the Reserve Bank of India, Indian computer emergency response team, PCI Standards, and payment technology firms, etc. regarding the breach.

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 Why Mobikwik data breach can prove fatal?

The recent data leak can have serious recursions as it has left important user information including phone numbers, bank account details, email, and even credit card numbers of 9.9 crore Mobikwik users exposed.  French security researcher Elliot Alderson has shared screenshots of the Mobiwik breach on his Twitter page and has termed it the “largest KYC data leak in the history”.

Mobiwik breach 1

MobiKwik released a statement refuting allegations of the data breach. It said, “Some media-crazed so-called security researchers have repeatedly attempted to present concocted files wasting precious time of our organisation as well as members of the media. We thoroughly investigated and did not find any security lapses. Our user and company data are completely safe and secure.”

Even though Mobikwik has denied this leak, there are a number of reasons to believe that a breach has actually occurred. To support the claim, Jordandaven, a group of hackers, has sent out an email with the link of the database to PTI. They even went on to share personal details of Mobikwik founder Bipin Preet Singh and Mobikwik CEO Upasana Taku from the database. The hackers are only looking on to charge the company a huge amount and do not wish to use the data inappropriately.

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According to another report, a discrete dark web portal has been created which can be used to search data by phone number or email ID and get the specific results out of a total of 8.2 TB of data.

How to protect your personal details?

Mobikwik users are feeling the tussle and are not sure if hackers have been able to lay hands on their personal details. Although Mobikwik is thoroughly investigating the allegations, the confusion is inevitable. To be on the safer side, it is best to update your Mobikwik account with a new password.  Even though the matter will be investigated over the next few days, the users are advised to update It is also advised that users update the passwords for their email addresses, and even set two-factor authentication (2FA), wherever possible.

Mobiwik breach 2

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To check if your data has been compromised, it is advised to download Tor Browser. It a free and open-source web browser that will enable you to browse the web anonymously. Once you have downloaded Tor, open the link to access Mobikwik data leaked online. You can search for your name or number. In case your name or number pops up, get in touch with your bank and immediately block your cards to ensure complete safety.

Please be wary of online threats and do not share your credentials with anyone.  Create complex password and always use multi-factor authentication, whenever possible. Also, keep an eye or any sudden alterations and inform your bank immediately.

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