Turn your device into a powerful, portable scanner with Google’s new app for organising data. Stack by Google is a useful app for those who want a complete way to scan, store, and organize important documents. The new Google app not only allows users to scan documents but also save, and organize them in a better manner.

How Stack works?

Google’s new app for organising data is developed by developed by the company’s Area 120 division and comes with an AI twist. It is the same team which was behind the company’s all-time favourites, including like Reply and Grasshopper. It uses phone’s camera to create a scan of a document, such as a receipt, bill, or a banking statement. The Stack app by Google makes use of Google’s language recognition and optical character recognition smarts to name it and accordingly suggests the correct category for critical physical documents.

Stack app

 The app also takes excerpts from the vital documents to help ease the process of copying figures and texts across other apps, mails, or even messages. The best part is that this Google’s new app for organising data can be locked with facial recognition or a fingerprint. Stack can also efficiently save copies of the documents to Google Drive.

Google’s Doc Scanner Vs CamScanner Vs Adobe Scanner

Google’s Doc ScannerCamScannerAdobe Scanner
AI technologyExportable to PDF or JPEGColour presets to make the document more legible
Google’s language recognition and optical character recognitionPrint using cloud printing Documents conversion to PDF
Scan, save, and even organize documents under correct categoryScan documents, business cards and even whiteboardWorld-class text recognition
Available on AndroidAvailable on AndroidAvailable on Android and iOS

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Google’s new app for organising data is only available in the US at the moment. Since it is an experimentational app, Google has not promised its worldwide release.

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