Thursday, November 30, 2023

Meta Grants $250K for Startups and Developers in India to Build XR Apps

Meta, the renowned technology giant previously known as Facebook, has announced an incredible new venture aimed at fostering the exploration of Mixed Reality (MR) among Indian startups and developers. This initiative introduces a comprehensive program specifically designed to entitle, enable, and support the domestic XR (Extended Reality) ecosystem in India.

Grant amount

As part of this endeavour, Meta has allocated a substantial grant of USD 250,000. The intention is to fuel innovation and facilitate the conception of groundbreaking applications and experiences utilizing the advanced technologies of Meta.

About Presence Platform

At the core of this program lies the highly acclaimed Presence Platform by Meta. It is a sophisticated framework encompassing a wide array of AI capabilities and machine perception customized for the Meta Quest Platform and then eventually the Metaverse. The Metaverse offers a shared virtual space where participants can engage with a computer-generated environment and interact with others in real-time.

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Who gets the grant?

Meta aims to provide funding to a maximum of five handpicked Indian developers and startups. In addition to receiving financial grants, these chosen participants will benefit from priceless resources, exposure, exclusive mentoring, and guidance from specialists at Meta Reality Labs. This invaluable assistance will aid in refining their projects and enhancing their comprehension of MR development. Thus, their MR project could reach new levels.


Furthermore, participants will have the privilege of uploading their products onto Quest App Lab, gaining access to the rapidly expanding developer ecosystem of Meta. This opportunity can augment their reach significantly and offer immense visibility in the MR community.

Moreover, selected startups will have the possibility to connect with eminent venture capital funds within India. Thereby, opening doors for partnerships and investments. This introduction to venture capitalists can act as a catalyst for growth and expansion for them. These startups can then elevate further with their innovations.

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Meta says

The Vice President for Meta in India, Sandhya Devanathan, stated, “Meta is committed to building the XR ecosystem in India. The Presence Platform is an integral part of the metaverse vision, aiming to make virtual experiences more tangible and accessible.

Sandhya Devanathan meta

We believe that this fund and program will accelerate the creation and adoption of VR and MR experiences in the country and give Indian developers an opportunity to go global with their innovations.”


The Meta Mixed Reality program is now open and accepting applications from organizations and developers across India. Anybody can apply regardless of their previous experience in MR development and the size of the company. However, individual developers need to be at least 18 years old when submitting their proposals. Meta welcomes both emerging talents as well as established firms to test the robust capabilities offered by the Presence Platform and begin an exhilarating expedition into the MR realm.

Over the next few months, Meta will meticulously review the applications received. They would choose up to five extraordinary organizations and developers to take part in the program.

Unlock XR potential

To take full advantage, the selected developers shall integrate the Presence Platform into their new or existing Meta Quest apps. To unlock the true potential of Mixed Reality developers can use features like Scene Understanding, Passthrough, Shared Spatial Anchors, Spatial Anchors, Text to Speech, Voice SDK, Social Presence APIs, and Interaction SDK for Hand Tracking. There is huge scope with these features to fashion fascinating experiences that go beyond the limitations of traditional computing.

The Mixed Reality program by Meta in India presents an excellent prospect for startups and developers. By harnessing the robust features provided by the Presence Platform, Indian developers and startups now have the option to create immersive MR experiences. The plan is to blend virtual content seamlessly with the physical world. This should be able to create remarkably authentic and natural environments in terms of both looks and feel.

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Dipanita Bhowmick
Dipanita Bhowmick
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