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Learn How to Remove Job Posting from LinkedIn

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To prevent people from applying to job positions that have already been filled up, it is essential to close the job postings on LinkedIn. To make things easier for recruiters, this article discusses how to remove job posting from LinkedIn.

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How to remove job posting from LinkedIn?

From a personal account or company page

  • Sign in to your account
  • Go to the LinkedIn homepage
  • Hit the Jobs icon on the navigator bar
  • Scroll down to Manage job posts and click on it
  • If you are using the app, the option would be Manage jobs
  • You would be in the My items dashboard
  • Find and select the job post you want to delete
  • Click on the ellipses button
  • Choose the Close job option from the drop-down menu
  • Reconfirm by clicking on the Close job post in the pop-up window

If you do not prefer deleting the job post from the dashboard directly, you can review the job using the Manage job option. This option will allow you to take a detailed view of the job posting. Apart from being able to close the post, you can edit the job, track the number of clicks, and track applicants using the Manage job option.

This option prevents the accidental removal of any job post especially if there are multiple active jobs in the profile.

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Once the job is closed, it would be shifted to the Closed section from the Open tab enabling you to still access the details.

From a LinkedIn Recruiter account

  • Sign in to your account
  • Go to the Recruiter homepage
  • Go to the Jobs tab on the navigator bar
  • Select View all job
  • Use the filters available on the left side to single out the job you wish to delete
  • Chose the action button on that job
  • Hit Close job

Since the LinkedIn Recruiter account allows users to perform bulk actions, you can close several jobs at once. Here is how:

  • Navigate to the View all jobs option through the Jobs tab
  • Check all the jobs you want to delete
  • Hit the Close icon
  • Select Close jobs to reconfirm in the dialog box

You can access all the closed jobs by using the right search filter on the dashboard easily.

Watch this YouTube video:

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By knowing how to remove job posting from LinkedIn and choosing to apply the knowledge, you save time from going through job applications for already fulfilled posts. Share this article if you learned something new today. Let us know in the comments section below if you want to learn more such tips and tricks.

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