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Learn How to Make Mac Dark Mode: A Complete Guide

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We cannot imagine our life without technology. Whether smartphones or laptops, most of our time goes into using technology. And we are well aware that blue rays are not good for the eyes. Considering that, Apple introduced Dark Mode food whole system in 2018. 

Using dark mode protects your eyes and it is recommended to work in dim spaces. This article presents a guide on how to make Mac dark mode. Read on to learn how to enable it dark mode on a Mac system. 

How to make dark mode on a Mac 

Before setting your Mac to dark mode, make sure that your system is upgraded to the newest version. Dark mode settings may differ in macOS Mojave and Ventura. 

Here’s how to set dark mode on macOS Ventura:

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Follow the following steps

1. Go to the system setting through the main menu

2. Tap on Appearance from the sidebar

3. Select the Dark option. 

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4. One more option, Auto will be there too. If you click on it, the latter will adjust the system from light to dark according to the time of the day. 

Here’s how to make Mac dark mode on macOS versions, Monterey, Big Sur, Catalina or Mojave

Go through the steps below: 

1. Go to Apple’s main menu

2. Launch system preferences 

3. Select General

4. Select either of the Appearance modes. 

Now, a question arises. What exactly gets dark after turning on the dark mode? If users turn on the dark mode through Appearance, it would be system-wide. All the default apps on macOS will automatically adapt to dark mode. 

Here’s how to set up a dark mode toggle on the menu bar

A one-click toggle is convenient and easy. No one would want to go through the whole process of switching to dark mode every time. A toggle would save time and effort. 

There are a number of third-party apps available to set up a toggle. However, if one does not want to download any of such apps, Mac also offers the same from the control centre

1. Go to the main menu

2. Search for the Control Center

3. Tap on Display

4. Now, enable Dark Mode

Now you know how to make Mac dark mode. Now let’s comprehend how to turn off the dark mode on Mac. 

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How to switch off dark mode on Mac

Turning off the dark mode on Mac is not a difficult task either. All one needs to do is reverse the steps. Go to the Appearance option from the main menu. Furthermore, switch off the light or Auto mode there. 

Switch between and dark modes 

The steps mentioned above show how to turn on the dark mode and how to turn it off as well. In a way, you know how to switch between both modes. 

One easy option is to switch on the Auto mode. Auto mode adjusts the light automatically and the system will adapt to the light adjustment on its own. 


Now you know how to make Mac dark mode. By switching on the dark mode on Mac, one could definitely take care of their eyes. As the eyes are affected badly by the blue rays of smartphones and PCs. We certainly recommend using the dark mode using any screen. 

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