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Learn How to Know Who Unsubscribed You on YouTube

A sudden decrease in the number of your subscribers is surely a matter of concern but how to know who unsubscribed you on YouTube? You will get to know if you continue to read the article. Like every business, there would be good months and bad months. The same is applicable for people running YouTube channels. Some months will bless you with lots of new subscribers, while at times you will find the numbers dropping. The reasons can be many and there is also a way to find out who all are unsubscribing.

How to Know Who Unsubscribed You on YouTube?

There is no way to find out the people who unsubscribed from the YouTube channel manager panel. However, there is a third-party website service that can help you with that. This website is vidooly.com. Let’s find out how:

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  • Open a new account with vidooly.com
  • Log in to your newly created account
  • Click on ‘Audience’ from the menu
  • Tap on ‘Unsubscribers list’. You will be able to see the list.

What More Can You Know?

Apart from getting to know the names of unsubscribers, you will be able to see the duration of the subscription and the date of subscription. Most importantly you will be able to see their social media profiles associated with the YouTube login details depending on their privacy setting. At the least, you will be able to see their Google Plus profiles.

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All these will help to establish a pattern for the decrease in subscribers. It could be a particular video that upset them, a tweet, or a community post that triggered something. They may no longer be interested in the type of content you create or it could simply be their wish to de-clutter their YouTube channel subscription list.

Importance of Feedback

Whatever be the reason, you can take feedback by contacting them through their social media profiles if the details are available. They will get a notification and a lot of them would surely respond. Generally, most people like to give advice and share feedback.

All these will help you know what went wrong. You can rectify the issue accordingly so that you do not lose any more subscribers.

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You can maintain a good subscriber retention rate and organically grow the list if you know what makes people click. Moreover, taking feedback personally will help you build a close relationship with your viewers.

You can register for a free trial and start contacting the unsubscribers. You never know you could even earn back the lost subscribers if you start to create content based on their advice and feedback.

Definitely how to know who unsubscribed you on YouTube needed you to seek help from a third-party website. However, to know the list of recent subscribers, you do not have to do anything crazy. Given below are the steps:

  • Log into your YouTube
  • Click on your profile icon
  •  Go to the ‘YouTube Studio’
  • Scroll down and you will see the ‘Recent Subscribers’ panel
  • Click on ‘See All’
  • A pop-up window will appear will the list of the recent subscribers
  • Adjust the date range to check the subscribers within the last seven days, month, 90 days, and a year or since the channel started.   

Hope you found this article useful. If you have any doubts or questions, please feel free to write in the comment section below. Watch out for this space for more tutorials and guides on various things on the Internet.

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Dipanita Bhowmick
Dipanita Bhowmick
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