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Learn How to Factory Reset Macbook Air Easily and Effectively?

how to factory reset macbook air

Factory reset is a must if you plan on selling your device. Moreover, it resolves a lot of issues that your device may have. It can be done to enhance performance and restore the device to its former glory. Whatever, be the reason, if you want to learn how to factory reset MacBook Air, we got you covered.

How to factory reset Macbook Air?

Back up your data with Time Machine

This step is extremely important to prevent any data loss and you would also need an external hard drive to perform this action.

  • Plug an external hard drive into the device
  • Open the Time machine app on your system from System Preferences or Launchpad
  • Hit the Select Backup Disk and choose the external drive
  • Choose the Use Disk option to save your external drive as the backup drive of Time Machine
  • Select Back Up Now from the Time Machine menu
  • Open Finder, tap on the device’s name, and hit the Eject icon to safely eject the external drive once the backup is done

Factory reset

  • Click on the Apple icon at the top-left corner of the device’s display
  • Select Restart from the drop-down menu
  • Press and hold the Command + R keys on your keyboard as soon as the Apple logo appears again
  • Keep on pressing until the Utilities window of macOS appear on the screen
  • Click on Reinstall macOS if you wish to reinstall the macOS over the present file system
  • However, for factory reset hit the Disk Utility option at the end of the list
  • Find and select the Startup Disk of the MacBook Airon the left side once the Disk Utility opens
  • Inside Disk Utility select the Erase button
  • Choose the Format pop-up window and select Mac OS Extended
  • Give a name to the reformatted disk
  • Click on Erase to confirm your choice

Reinstall macOS

  • Quit out of Disk Utility by clicking on Disk Utility and the Quit
  • Choose Reinstall macOS from the macOS Utilities list
  • Follow the prompts as they appear on the screen to reinstall macOS
  • Choose the default drive of the system when you are asked to select the disk you wish to install
  • Once you click Install, you could be requested to allow permissions
  • Accordingly, the device shall start downloading, which could take several hours
  • Once the macOS finished being downloaded, you could have to begin the installation manually by permitting the installation on the device
  • Once the system has completed installing the OS, it would restart and boot automatically into the Welcome screen of the macOS
  • You may or may not set up the system with a new account depending on your plan about the device

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Now that you know how to factory reset MacBook Air, you can help yourself and others with resetting their devices. If you want people to do it themselves, share this article with them and spread the knowledge. Shoot your queries in the comment section regarding the tutorial if you have any and we shall be glad to help.