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Learn How to Cancel Flipkart Order in a Few Steps

One of the feared moments while doing online shopping is placing an order wrongly. Such an incident could turn a happy shopping experience into a nightmare. However, there is no need to panic when you can easily reverse the situation. Most e-commerce websites allow order cancellation. If you are in a similar situation with an order placed with Flipkart, learning how to cancel Flipkart order could easily resolve the issue.

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How to cancel Flipkart order?

  • Launch the Flipkart app or visit the official website
  • Log in to your account with your ID and password if not already done
  • Click on the ellipsis menu or your username
How to Cancel Flipkart Order
  • Hit the My Orders or Orders option
How to Cancel Flipkart Order
  • Choose the product you want to cancel
How to Cancel Flipkart Order
  • Press the Cancel option
  • Select the appropriate option under the Reason for Cancellation tab
How to Cancel Flipkart Order
  • Click on Submit Request or Confirm Cancellation option and the cancellation would be confirmed
How to Cancel Flipkart Order

If you had opted for the cash-of-delivery option, there would be no refund understandably. However, if it was a pre-paid order, the company would refund the amount to the source account using the same payment method as you did while placing the order.

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How to cancel Flipkart order after shipment?

Unfortunately, there is no option on the app or the website to cancel an order after the shipment is processed. However, there is no reason to worry as you can still cancel the shipped order. Just call the customer service number (18002089898) of Flipkart and request the executive to cancel the order on your behalf. The same would be done.

In case, you have received the product but do not want to have it, you can place a return request as well. It is to be noted that while most products are eligible for returns and refunds, some are not. Thus, it is always advised to check the return and refund options as well as check the policies carefully before placing an order.

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Hope you are feeling relieved after knowing how to cancel Flipkart order since you could do it now if need be. If you found this article useful, share this article with others. Tell us in the comment section below about your worst shopping experience and the way you dealt with it.

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