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How to Cancel Order on Dominos App the Easy Way?

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Do not panic if you have ordered the wrong variety of pizza by mistake but do not know how to cancel order on Dominos app. You are only human to goof up and this can surely be reversed with ease. Read on to know the step-by-step guide of cancelling the order.

How to Cancel Order on Dominos App?

It is fairly easy to cancel an order on the Dominos app. However, time is of the essence. You need to cancel immediately after you have realized the slip-up as you may not want the pizza to be prepared and leave the facility. More importantly, it would not look good to turn away the delivery guy once he has reached your doorstep.

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You should also know that Dominos has the right to cancel the order due to various factors which will be discussed later in the article. Those reasons are valid enough for you to ensure canceling at the earliest so that you can order from Dominos in the future also.

Manually cancel the order by following the instructions given below:

  • Launch the Dominos app on your mobile.
  • Check the order status in the My Orders section
  • Click on the customer care option from the menu of Dominos app
  • You will be connected with a virtual customer care executive bot
  • Text ‘cancel my order’ and hit OK
  • You can also cancel the order by tapping on the Cancel order option in the My Orders section depending on the time of placing the order
  • You may also call the customer care number to try and cancel the order
  • It is now up to the discretion of the Dominos outlet to cancel or not cancel the order depending on the quantity and time of placing the order.
  • The refund will be transferred back to the original payment method within a few days.

Can Dominos Cancel Your Order?

While on the topic of how to cancel order on Dominos app, you must know that Dominos reserves full rights to cancel your order on their own as well.

Find out the reasons below:

  • The delivery address is known to be abusive
  • Customer care number has been dialed to place hoax orders earlier
  • The customer has been blacklisted from the Dominos database for various reason
  • Unable to contact the customer
  • No answer on the delivery address or unable to reach the customer on the phone
  • Delivery could not happen due to the wrong delivery address or the customer not home
  • The customer has not picked up a carryout order at the Dominos.

Dominos is known for their 30 minutes pizza delivery or get it for free except for special occasions when this policy does not apply. It is one of the leading pizza delivery chains in India with competitively priced delicious food. Get the order placed right the first time itself to not go through the hassle of cancelling and book another thereby delaying the time of enjoying a scrumptious meal.

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