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Know How to Unlock a Facebook Account Without ID Proof

How to verify your identity on Facebook

Knowingly or unknowingly you may have violated the terms and conditions of Facebook. Now you are wondering how to unlock a Facebook account without id proof. All you need to do is a request password reset and further if you still face some issues you can try your identity verification in the process. Every process is covered simply, go ahead and solve your problem.

Why your Facebook account is locked

There may be various reasons for it. You can figure out your own from the list below. So that you can avoid the reason in the future. Most of the time it is because someone violates the terms and conditions in the form of the following reasons:

  • Unusual login activity on Facebook account
  • Using a fake account or name
  • Posting content that is against the terms and conditions of the Facebook
  • Using fake photos
  • Unusual activities such as texting unusual messages to strangers
  • Others

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Process of how to unlock a Facebook account without ID proof

There is no direct way to unlock a Facebook account without ID proof. Here are the quick and simple steps to recover your locked Facebook account. Follow the following steps:

  • Go to the official site of Facebook > open your disabled account page
  • Now tap on the ‘Use this form’ to review your account
  • Mention your login phone number or email id to access your account
  • Now mention your full name on your Facebook account
  • Now choose photos or files and tap on the submit button then proceed
  • Once a request is submitted, you will receive an email from Facebook to reset your account password
  • Now you can create your new password and unlock your Facebook account

Still, if you face some issues regarding your identity verification, you can follow further steps to achieve that.

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How to verify your identity on Facebook

The next crucial step in the process of unlocking a Facebook account without id proof is to verify your identity on Facebook. For that, you have to fill out the verification request form on Facebook. 

Follow the following steps mentioned below:

  • Go to the official website of Facebook and reach out to the verification request form
  • Once you open the verification request form > choose between profile or page options for your identity verification
  • Now pick a specific category for your Facebook profile or page. The category will include fashion, sports, music, news/media, etc
  • Enter your country name and then attach a file of your identification proof as evidence of your profile or page
  • Further, add a valid explanation, of why Facebook should verify your profile or page, why you need it
  • Also, you can information about other social media accounts, which you think Facebook should take into consideration
  • You can also add extra comments, this is completely optional before sending your identity request form, once every information has been submitted
  • Within a certain time period, you will get a notification, if your request has been approved or not

Amount of time it takes to unlock a Facebook account without ID proof

There is no exact time frame in which you can expect Facebook to review your request. A roundabout idea is between 48 hrs to 45 days. If it does not work within this time limit then you should assume it has been rejected.


It’s not 100% sure that your Facebook profile will get verified in one go. In case it gets rejected (that does not mean you don’t know how to unlock a Facebook account without id proof,) you can try again in 30 days and next time include more details that support your review application. Furthermore, you can contact the customer service center from Facebook to get more support and extra guidance that you may need.

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