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How to find Hidden Photos in Google Photos?

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Every day billions of photographs are taken worldwide. However, managing and storing them becomes a tedious task.

Enter: Google Photos 

Apps like Google Photos can help you! 

More than 1 billion use Google photos. It is one of the most sought-after choices among the masses to save photos/videos. 

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But do you know? Google Photos now allows users to hide photos and safeguard them behind passwords. Well, this feature is known as ‘Locked Folder’ and is exclusively available for Pixel phones and will soon be rolled out to all iOS and Android phones later. 

In this blog, we will tell you to discover how to find hidden photos in google photos across all operating systems. 

How to find hidden photos in Google Photos on Pixel Phones? 

Google Photos has launched the ‘Locked Folder’ feature exclusively in the Pixel smart features. However, as of now, this feature is not available on android/iOS smartphones.  

  • Login to your Google Photos account. 
  • Google photos will open. 
  • Choose the library tab. 
  • Tap on the Utilities. 
  • In the drop-down menu, the Locked Folder option will show up. 
  • Now, open the open locked folder with your device’s screen lock. 
  • Here you will find hidden photos in Google photos. 

Keep In Mind: The photos/videos you lock in the locked folder of Google photos will not be backed up and are allowed to share. Also, they won’t appear on the photos grid and search results. 

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To access the locked folder, you have to use your screen lock, and due to security reasons, you are not allowed to take screenshots of the hidden photos in Google Photos.  

Also, please bear in mind that Google Photos doesn’t offer unlimited storage features anymore. (Well, you don’t have to be sad about it!) 

We are sure that we were able to solve your how to find hidden photos in Google Photos. However, Google never shies away from giving Google Photos more updates and features.

How to find hidden photos in Google Photos on Android/iOS? 

As mentioned earlier, android/iOS devices don’t have a locked folder feature as of now, but yes, there is another way of finding hidden photos in Google Photos on android/iOS devices. 

  • Open/Log in to your Google Photos app on your android/iOS device. 
  • Sign in with your Google account. 
  • Now in the bottom left, you will find the ‘Library’ tab. Click on it.  
  • Once clicked, you will find ‘Move photos to the archive.’
  • Those photos will be archived, and they will stop appearing on the grid. 

Point To Remember: The archive feature on Google photos can help you to hide photos from the primary grid and will show up in the search results, but they can be easily accessible, and you can take screenshots of them. Hence, it’s not safe to hide photos on it. 


Taking photographs is a very generic thing that all of us do to create the moment and make it immortal. However, there are a few photographs that need to be in private and shouldn’t be shared with anyone else. 

Apps like Google Photos can help you to keep your pictures private, and in case you think that some of your photos are hidden well, then we have shown you the path! 

We hope we solved your ‘how to find hidden photos in google photos’ query, and by following these fantastic steps, you can find the hidden photos in google photos. 

That said, we can conclude this blog. Thank you for reading, and don’t forget to share it with all the Google Photo users. 

Also, do mention your feedback and suggestions in the comment section below. 

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