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Know How to Disable OnStar GPS Tracking

Nowadays, almost all new cars have pre-installed GPS service. GPS OnStar is good as long as your trial services are going on. But the problem is GPS service is still going in the cars even if they unsubscribe. That’s why almost every driver wants to know how to disable onstar gps tracking. So that users’ privacy does not get invaded. Here is how you turn off OnStar.

Steps to know how to disable OnStar gps tracking

Once you understand the step-by-step process, you can turn off gps independently. Follow the following instructions to know how to disable onstar gps tracking:

Step 1: start with a call to customer service and ask them to unsubscribe

You can dial 1-888-4-ONSTAR (1-888-466-7827) or press the ON blue button to contact your call agent.

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The agent will ask for your contact number and billing address during the conversation. Even after this step, OnStar can still track your data for marketing and other reasons, so complete the steps mentioned below.

How to Disable OnStar GPS Tracking 1

Step 2: Turn off your car

The next important step is to turn off the ignition and engage the vehicle’s brake to ensure your car does not move when you follow further steps.

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Step 3: Open the trunk

You can locate the gadget through the trunk part. It is attached to the back of one of the two rear wheels. If you find the glove box, remove it from your car and directly follow step 7 to turn off Onstar. Whenever you remove the glove box, open its door, bring out secured parts such as tabs and chords, and slide it out with the help of your hands pressed on the sides of the sidewalls.

If the gadget is available within a dash under the stereo, smoothly lift the panel from the dashboard using a plastic auto rim or molding removal tool. Pull the panel carefully; no need to unscrew anything. When you see the silver box, then directly follow step 7.

How to Disable OnStar GPS Tracking 2

Step 4: Take out the liner

You should remove the liner if you do not find the gadget at the places mentioned above. The liner is not arranged using screws or nuts, so you can effortlessly lift it with its edges.

Once you set the liner aside, find the spare tire in this place. If there is one tire, then follow the next step.

Step 5: Bring out the spare tire

Remove the spare tire and set it aside to proceed further in how to disable onstar gps tracking. Sometimes the spare tire is also placed using a nut. You can use a screwdriver to spin the nuts anticlockwise, take out the nut, and bring the tire out of your car.

Step 6: Unstick the metal plate

On the trunk, locate 4 screws available at the corners. Now pull out the metal plate from its place. If the cargo net is absent, there should be screws at 4 corners of the trunk. Remove screws from all 4 sides along with the sill plate if there is a cargo net.

Step 7: Reveal the interior available under the right-side panel

Pull away the right side of the panel so you can see the silver metal box inside it. 

Step 8: Identify the box with a logo

The metal box that consists of the gadget can be identified with a logo. Once you see the logo, you know this is the gadget box.

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Step 9: Unplug the three connectors

The metal box that consists of gadgets is connected to your car using 3 plugs under it. Once they are unplugged, it will stop the connection. For this reason, use two fingers to reach the base of the connector. Slightly press the connector inward and pull it out. Repeat this same process with the other two cables. And you are almost there to complete the process of disabling onstar gps tracking.

Step 10: Wind up the cables

After unplugging, wind up the unplugged cables to keep the area under the box clean and to keep it easy to reconnect the next time you wish to use it. It would help if you used a cable tie to tie the connectors loosely together. Now you can leave it beneath or above the box.

Step 11: place everything back in its place

The final step is to turn off OnStar to cover and place everything back in its original state. Don’t forget to assemble everything as it was before. You can confirm this if your trunk closes as it was before. 

Turn your car on, then press the system button. If the light does not turn on, that means your mission of how to disable onstar gps tracking, was successful. Also, don’t forget to check other systems, like lights, radio, etc., to ensure everything else is fine. Don’t ignore any warning lights; contact your service center if they occur.


Undoubtedly, the process of disabling onstar gps tracking is tiresome. But it’s not impossible if you follow every step carefully and do it independently. And achieve protecting your privacy as your vehicle’s communication with OnStar has been disconnected. Also, you can reconnect gps onstar whenever you wish to by again locating the metal box and plugging in the connectors.

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