The 5 Best Cat Trackers with GPS


Cats are precious. But they tend to slime away somewhere we cannot track. So as soon as technology had its way, new tracking devices for pets were developed. Cat trackers are a helpful way to find your furry friend when he or she goes missing. You can simply track the location using a GPS tracker. But, with so many options in the market, it can be confusing to choose a GPS tracker for your tracker. So here we have the 5 best cat trackers with GPS.

Pawtrack: Exclusive to cats

Pawtrack is a tracking device which is designed exclusively for cats. This GPS based cat tracking collar weighs approximately 35g and has four levels of tracking technology including cellular data, global positioning system, Beacon, and Wifi.

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Weenect 2 Cat Tracker: A telephone for cats

Weenect 2 Cat Tracker is the first GPS tracker which offers a telephone for the cats. It allows a voice call function in case your pet goes missing. It uses an app which is based on an integrated system of map, compass and augmented reality. Its ringer feature also helps the user to train their cat in associating a particular ring with certain activities and live tracks your cat after every ten seconds.

Tractive GPS Cat Tracker: For real-time searches

Tractive GPS Cat Tracker tracks your cat in real-time and also monitor its movements. Additionally, this tracker offers you geofencing feature, which triggers a pre-programmed action whenever your cat enters or exits the virtual boundary set up by the user. Moreover, the tracker has a location history feature which allows you to keep a track of your pet’s recent movements.

A single unit cat tracking collar, tractive prioritizes the safety of your pet. It is suitable for cats weighing 3.5 kg or more and comes with neck size of 19-30 cms. Thus, making it a perfect suit for the majority of felines. It also has an interchangeable battery and gets fully charged in less than three hours.

Tabcat: With radio frequencies

Unlike the modern trackers, Tabcat utilizes radio frequencies to track your cat. Tracking systems based on radio frequencies are often more reliable than the GPS systems as at times you may lose phone signals. They can also pinpoint the location of your pet more accurately than the satellite-based systems.  Moreover, this radio device only weighs 6g and uses lesser battery.

Whenever you press locate on the handset, the Tabcat collar begins to beep to guide the user to their pet. It also uses color-coded lights and can track four cats at the same time. You also get two homing tags and two splash-proof cases with the Tabcat pack.

Kippy Pet GPS Tracker: For the big cats

Kippy Pet GPS Tracker can be used both as a GPS tracker and an activity monitor.  Since Kippy Tracker is slightly heavier than the other trackers, it is recommended for cats that weigh over 4 kgs and should be used on a harness rather than the collar.

The Vita function in the tracker helps you to stay connected to your pet. Users can get regular updates on what their cat is doing and also allows them to set activity goals and get well-being tip for their pets. Kippy Pet GPS Tracker also includes the geofence feature and location history of up to two months at any given time on the app. It comes with a two-year warranty and can be used in multiple countries.

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