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Know How to Delete Google Pay Transaction History Permanently

Everyone on Google Pay doesn’t need to want to keep their transaction history. Transaction history keeps every detail of exchanging money between family, friends, and local stores. In case a user is not comfortable with this feature they can choose to delete Google Pay Transaction History. You can navigate to the official google website and then reach out to your google pay activities and then delete Google Pay transaction history. Here are all the steps explained briefly.

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How to Delete Google Pay Transaction History Permanently

Follow the below-mentioned easy step-by-step process, to stop Google from tracking your data:

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Step 1: Go to Google Chrome > navigate to website

Step 2: Go to Google accounts > sign in to them

Step 3: Tap on three horizontal lines located in the top left corner of the screen

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Step 4: Choose ‘Data and Privacy’ > Furthermore go to the ‘History settings’

Delete Google Pay Transaction History Permanently1

Step 5: Now scroll down and choose ‘Web and App Activity’ to manage all google related activities

Step 6: Again tap on the three-line bar on the search bar and choose ‘Other Google Activity’

Step 7: Click on ‘Manage Activity’ located under the Google Pay experience

Step 8: Once done tap on ‘drop down’ for delete. here users can choose specific parts of transaction history they wish to delete.

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(Furthermore, it offers numerous options, such as ‘custom range’ ‘last day’ ‘last hour’ or ‘all the time.’ Users have even further choice to delete transaction history for a short time period)

Step 9: Once you select the option, just tap on ‘delete’ and you are done with the process. It will take almost 12 hours to show the update in the transaction history.

Bottom line

According to an official statement by Google, “Your personal information is never sold to anyone and your transaction history is not shared with any other Google product for targeting ads,” the company remarked. It gives users more options, so they can choose if they want to delete Google Pay transaction History temporarily or permanently.

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