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Know How to Add People to Your Meta Business Manager

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Meta owned Facebook has now enabled access to Meta Business Manager. Now you can include people into your business and give them access to assets available in your Meta Business Manager.

There are 6 simple steps to add people to your Meta Business Manager. Following these steps you will be able to add individual people, not other business partners. So here it goes.

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Steps to add people to your Meta Business Manager

  • Open your Facebook account
  • Go to your Facebook settings > Business settings
  • Tap on People > choose ‘Add People’  > again choose ‘Add’
add people to facebook business manager 1
  • Now enter the working email address of the person you are choosing to add to your business manager.
  • Further there is an option of assigning the particular role. (Don’t forget to read description for every role)
  • You can choose either Admin access or Employee access
  • There is an advanced option as well. Such as to choose between Finance editor or Finance analyst.
  • Now click ‘Next’
  • Now choose task and asset you wish to assign the individual
  • Now tap on ‘Invite’
add people to facebook business manager 2

And you are done. The other person will receive your invitation through email. From there he can join your Business Manager.

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Points to keep in mind

  • You should give admin access to only those, who need it as their job responsibility. Because admin access can allow them to add people into your business manager.
  • Make sure the people you are adding to your business manager are authentic and trustworthy. There are chances of people creating fake accounts and sending requests to get your business manager access.
  • Check the authenticity by contacting the person and decide if you want to add them to your Business Manager or not.
  • Facebook never asks you to add it to your Business Manager. In case someone claims to be a Facebook business then it’s not an authentic request. You should deny the request then report it.
  • Third-party business accounts can never verify your account. If they try to get access to your business manager, saying they will verify your business account. Immediately deny the request. And report it.
  • You can verify your business verification through your own Business Info Section in your settings. You do not need any other business account or person for this.
  • Make sure all of the Business Manager members enable two-factor authentication. Two-factor authentication serves a security feature. It will give a security code at the individual Facebook account level. Every individual has to enter this code each time they try to enter your Business Manager from any unrecognisable device or browser.

Note: If your Business Manager was created 90 days ago or earlier. Then all business admins and individuals with advertising access should turn the two-factor authentication on.

This authentication will help Facebook to restrict individuals who do not have turned on two-factor authentication. And your business manager will be safe from a third party source.


Facebook has enabled the access to add people to your Meta Business Manager. Make sure you don’t just give access but enable the two-factor verification as well. So that you can work efficiently as well as safely.

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