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Bing can Now Answer Like an Expert, AI-Infused Version Arrives

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Microsoft has just held a special news event on Tuesday at its Redmond HQ. This event got announced after few minutes post the launch of Google’s own chatbot named Bard. The latter is seen as an answer to ChatGPT that Microsoft has embraced big time. The event was all about the integration of ChatGPT in Bing and the bigger perspective on the partnership between Microsoft and OpenAI.

What the event had been about?

Satya Nadella had hinted that the event would “share some progress on a few exciting projects” and came only days since the partnership with OpenAI got inked for a cool $10 billion.

While Bard, being touted as an “experimental conversational AI service” will be up for testing among a select few, MS has gone ahead with Nadella stating that “AI is about alignment with human preferences and societal norms. You’re not going to do that in a lab.” The biggest show point of this event at Redmond Campus, Washington was an announcement around launch of the latest search upgrade the New Bing and the new Edge browser.

As per Microsoft, Bing is set to encourage creativity among users and will also answer queries directly. All this, thanks to the OpenAI’s latest next-gen language model built into Bing. The system used here is called the ‘Prometheus Model’ and will target in the improvement of relevancy and updation of information.

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A smarter bing is here

During the Redmond event, a lot of search query demos were part of the presentation. The leveraging of ChatGPT style AI came into focus when a query seeking a comparison of top Mexican painters, led to detracts answers as well as throwing up of annotated links.

Bing is set to have an all new Chat section that feels like ChatGPT menu, with a prime distinction seen with sources and the feedback tabs. The latest Chat version will also be able to translate close to 100 languages.

AI is old buddy with MS apps

Sam Altman, the CEO at OpenAI, said “OpenAI and Microsoft have been working together for more than three years now. This new Bing experience is powered by one of our next-gen models, and takes key learnings from ChatGPT, GPT3.5.”

The all new Edge browser comes with a latest AI-backed co-pilot. Edge has a completely new avatar with rounded corners and more fluid user interface. The Bing interface of Bing is also available on the right hand-side panel of Edge that allows direct navigation sans having to directly visit Bing.

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Summing up

Microsoft had been up for Bing-AI integration since way back in 2017. The use of Generative AI as part of apps such as Word has been commonplace over the years.  Bing comes with a well-protected, multi-layered net in place for safety reasons. ChatGPT from OpenAI has been creating waves ever since it appeared on the block in November last year. Currently, it holds top ranks as the app with the fastest 100 million user acquisition across the entire body of Internet history.

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