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Japan Spaceship Travel Dream Coming True by 2040

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Intercontinental travel in a spaceship? Seems like a far-fetched reality? Well, Elon Musk plans to make it come true! SpaceX is planning to launch vehicles and shuttles for Earth-to-Earth travel.

The Japanese government is already in discussions with private companies to develop an intercontinental passenger spaceship network that will enable passengers to fly to different parts of the world in two hours or less. The technology ministry of the country has recently launched a plan which has set 2040 as the timeline to build such spaceships. 

How will the spaceship function?

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The ministry has envisioned two types of spacecraft: one that will be identical to an aircraft that can take off and land on a runway, and the other that can take off and land vertically.   One will be quite similar to an airplane which can take off and do its landing on runways. The other one is expected to take off and land in a vertical direction.

Intercontinental Passenger Spacecraft Network

Ministry of Railways of Japan conducted a research and noted that there will be a growing demand for such spaceships in the coming years. Even though this is the first time japan has designed a full-proof roadmap for a spacecraft network, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk briefly talked about the use of interplanetary rocket systems for long-distance trips on earth in 2017.Musk also about a network that would allow people to take long-distance trips within just half an hour and travel to any place on the earth within 60 minutes.

What do you think of spaceship travel? Don’t you think it would be interesting for such an invention. It will also be worthy to note how the recent technological advancements will shape the travel and tourism sector in the coming years.

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