iwatch release dateAnalyst expectations with the Apple iWatch are on the rise and a lot is being predicted about what could be the biggest launch of the year.However, details of the iWatch release date are in the grey.

To start with, it is being said that the Apple iWatch could cost about $300 and it will be just in time to compete with Android wear. It is also expected that Apple will be able to sell 30 to 60 billion pieces of the iWatch in the first year of its launch, according to a Morgan Stanley report by analyst Katy Huberty.

The iWatch has been long awaited even as competitors like Samsung and Google have already released their products in the category—Galaxy Gear and Android Wear. However, considering the brand loyalty one does expect it to receive a much warmer response than its predecessors have.

iWatch release date

Apple has already hinted at new products in 2014 and iWatch is expected to be their next big launch. While no one has yet confirmed any reliable dates of the iWatch launch, October is likely to see the release of the new offering from Apple. However, an analyst has also suggested that the iWatch will only launch in October or November. However, it is not expected to be delayed any further than that.